Kit selfreset 8( AR MKII

Guys, did someone noticed an unpredictable kit reset? Today i found one of my kits been reseted to default. Yesterday i was playing a track, saving kits and stuff, today i switch it on and listening something strange. It was default kit! And i’m definitely shure that i saved it several times. I began reloading kits from other patterns and really strange things was going. Some kits started to getting default. I lost one of the kits i guess. I remember the same thing when i has unit which was freezing. Maybe it’s somehow connected this issues? Unit i has right now also had freezes two times… is it acceptable on your opinion? Especially In case of live sets ?

Sounds more like the normal thing that happens when a pattern is cleared - losing a Kit from a saved location would be a different thing - are you sure this isn’t user error or using terms incorrectly.

When you save a kit you’ll save it to a Kit location (nothing to do with patterns) - patterns will link to a kit (if non-empty / saved) - if a pattern is cleared the kit will revert to default which may be a basic kit, but it needn’t mean a properly saved kit is lost

either way if it was a bug it’d be well known

other issues you have may be significant, but be sure it’s not terminology or expectation that’s at the bottom of this - try to document a repeatable few steps for others to try