Kitchen drum kit

Since I am a full-time couch surfer, I get to stay at all kinds of weird places! Currently a retreat/hotel/zen/restaurant villa.

I have a field recorder and my best mic with me (byer m201 shhhh don’t tell anyone, it’s the secret to my flawless clarinet recordings).
The best thing to sample/record thusfar is the little river and it’s coloured noise and chaotic character changing over time as the snow melts and the season changes into spring…

but but but, whatabout a big professional kitchen? I never tried the pot and pan route for sampling, I guess the ringing and clanging will beat any seasoned DX7 programmer’s tubular bells. Or doesn’t it?

Any experience using a kitchen as a drum/percussion library? Or creating one?

Inspire me good people!

i always end up in the kitchen at parties. i play the sink while my buddies are on cutlery and cookware.

knock yourself out pal. never know until you try.

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