Kits, Saving As...? Ideas welcome!

Hey guys,

I already found myself many times on this situation: I´m working on a project, then I change drastically my settings in a way that the result is not suitable for the actual project but I like those changes may be for another project, so I want to keep them on a different kit.

You know how it is with the A4, amazing things happens every two or tree minutes of tweaking. :slight_smile:

So, what my intuition told me was, Save the kit as a different kit, then perform a reload on the old one and continue working.

But, when I proceed this way, it seems changes are saved for both, the new Kit and the old one. Loading the old kit and performing a reload has no effect at all.

What I´m doing so far is saving Track Sounds separately and copying the FX manually, but may be there is an easy way.

So, If I you want to keep your changes on a new kit without altering the original kit how you proceed?

Keeping a constant backup of the original kit is not on the table.


there is enough space for the kits in the A4

you allready see the save-position from a kit when you perform the saving

lets say

01 KIT1
02 KIT2
03 KIT3
04 –
05 –

and so on (thats my way of saving)

it seems that you always save your new kit on the same position

Oh, no, of course not.
In my example I explicitly said “save to a different kit” that implies a different kit position.
Anyway I tried again, and it worked!

It seems that I was performing the reload on the new kit instead of the old one, I forgot that when you "save a kit on a different kit position, the new kit is automatically linked to the working pattern. I did this error a couple of times on my first days with the A4 then I assumed it was just like that.
So thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

I wish there was a shortcut that was simply “save new kit to pattern”

so if you’re jamming… you have a kit saved on a01… using kit 1

and you move to a02… so it brings with it kit 1 in its current state… you do some tweaking… have a new sound you like… just being able to do a button combo that saved the kit as a new kit and auto named it like kit1pat02 in the next available slot… that would be a massive workflow enhancer for me…

isn´t a deal breaker but it will definitively improve workflow. :slight_smile: