Knob caps

I’m trying to find out which knob caps to buy for my SP-404 MKII and my MAM MB33

I’m aware of the Chroma Caps, but it seems for the SP I’d need the thin version, while I’d prefer less tall caps, like the fatty model

For the MB33 I could use the fatty model. But I wonder if anyone has a recommendation for caps that are good quality, with a good grip and not too tall.

you also need to think of the height above the synth face and preferably the depth of the current knob from its base to the inside/top of the d shaped cutout knob vertically - it’s all too easy to get caps which rub the chassis or stand too far off the chassis - either requiring shimming or ,worse, chopping D shaft

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I was indeed thinking of how much the knob height outside, and want to avoid too tall knobs. The other part yes, thanks for the advice!

Any recommendations where to look?

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Massive selection of knobs FYI

I don’t know where you are but shipping to the U.S. is usually faster than places in the U.S. shipping to me.


Good to know! I’ve hesitated ordering caps from them because I assumed the shipping would be an issue. Thanks. They have a great selection.

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Thanks! I’m in Germany. I ordered some Chroma Caps, from the US actually :slight_smile:

It’s quite new to me, I still wonder which are “the star of the show” somehow. I like not too tall knobs, good grip etc…

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My favorite knobs after buying a lot of different types tend to be the SIFAM/SELCO knobs. Such a good variety of sizes, skirted or unskirted, tons of cap colors. Can be used as knobs or encoders etc…

They aren’t rubbery but the grip is perfectly fine.

Most well know SIFAM/SELCO style knobs are used by SSL on all of their gear.

After buying tons of knobs my recommendation would be to buy a sample of almost all of the knobs (I know it’s a lot). Then you can test one on a piece of gear before you decide on a whole set.

I guess it depends I how many things you re-knob.

For smooth shaft knobs (usually guitar pedals and some eurorack) I like the metal knobs at

If you buy brass adapters you can put the metal knobs on d-shaft pots with minimal wobble.

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I’ve ordered stuff on a Monday and it arrived on that same Thursday in Arizona.

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two reasons i love this forum.

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Amazing, thanks!

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