Koala Sampler App

There’s a new sampler app called Koala on the iPhone/iPad. It’s incredibly easy to use, and super fun. It’s what I wished existed for the longest time!

I have a digitakt, tone, op-z, op-1, deluge, and tons of other samplers and groove boxes. This is nowhere even close to as powerful or functional but damn is it super fun just like those!

Anyway thought I’d mention it, someone made me aware of it in the apps thread. Thought I’d give it a shout-out.

If this gets lots of updates over time this thing is gonna be ridiculously useful and fun.


I like it too. Lots of fun. TriqTraq is a similar app, but more about sequencing than recording. It even has p-locks.

It looks really great and intuitive. If only they could add p-locks it would be perfection! (On that front, wow, TriqTraq looks like exactly what I’d want)

Can you import samples? Or is it just mic recording?

Sample import is being added. Elf Audio states: Coming up in next version early next week - AudioShare sample import + copy/paste import as a priority.

Someone on the Audiobus forum was able to record using their interface. See page three of this thread.

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Thanks @papertiger for notifying us of this app!
I bought it today and it’s just what I need for spicing up my employment. Now I can be paid in wav format too!

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Hi All! I’m the developer of koala,

I just submitted an update to the app store last night for AudioShare import and also you can open almost any audio file in Koala through the standard iOS share pane.

Hopefully Apple will approve in the next day or two!

Thanks for downloading!!


Hello Elf! Thank you for making this dope app! So nice to have this quick and dirty sampler On The PHONE! Only things I want is a hold setting for the pads so you can have the option to keep one pad looping without touching sequencer.

@elf_audio thanks for the update! Do you have any plans to make it so you can sample direct from iOS apps using Audiobus? Combined with having a threshold volume for starting recording (to allow you time to switch apps and trigger notes), this feels like it could be a nice quick way to sequence sounds from other iOS apps… obviously possibly with sample import but more steps so less immediate :slight_smile:

AudioBus puts transport controls on the screen of AB-compatible apps, so you could easily start playback from the same screen. Or use AB Remote.

This is true. As far as I can tell you currently can’t our Koala in the “output” slot to sample into it though.

Excellent, going to go buy now. Great work

I just bought it…wasted an hour playing while I was supposed to be working. cool little app.

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Downloded this and sampled my two year old son who’s big into his nursery rhymes at the moment. Really fun little sampler, we enjoyed it a lot!

What’s the story behind the desktop installer on your website @elf_audio ?

Hi @elf_audio, just bought your excellent app.

Could you please make recording of FX in performance mode possible?

That would be great. Thanks

Super happy everyone’s enjoying it!!!

@tdmusic AB3 input coming soon! keep track of updates on twitter.com/@elf_audio

@soundklinik FX automation is also coming at some point in the future, its quite a lot more complicated though


bought the app two days ago and it is really fun to use!

please add a “duplicate loop” button, so you can record a basic one bar pattern and double the length of it, again and again :slight_smile:

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Great app. Love the fun aspect of it. Quick and to the point.
I would love to have duplicate loop option as mentioned.
Would also be nice to have more control and editing options (filter, envelope, step sequencer, p-locks) as a pro expansion or something.

You can copy a pattern onto the end of a pattern to extend it.
Here is a vid I saw, near the start