Kodiak Shift Sequencer

…is probably one of my favorite software sequencer.



Snappy Envelopes


great sequencer. Haven’t used blocks for a long time. Loved them when they were released

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Same here, and trying to find my way back to Reaktor. Setting up separate OUTs was very easy in Bitwig. Weird i haven’t tried that before… its like double DAW now! :wink:

You know, I’ve played with VCV Rack and nearly forgot I had this as well - but I LOVE some of the instruments in Reaktor (bought on sale for a sound-design project I was doing at the time). Thanks for this lovely reminder. :slight_smile:

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Cool, yes it’s easy to get lost in VCV…

There so much cool stuff in the Reaktor user library, downloaded the Mix Tools Blocks yesterday, cool with aux and sends in block form.

Here’s a link


Have fun!

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lovely sounds here

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Thank YOU!

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Very nice examples! I’m of the opinion that Reaktor has the best sounding components in software modular.

By the time the Kodiak blocks came around, Reaktor Blocks were really shuffled out of the limelight. That’s a shame, because I think they’re phenomenal. I’ve come to prefer Reaktor over VCV rack.


Thanks man!

I agree totally. Maybe I’m just fooling myself but ever since I bought Reaktor blocks, maybe around 2015, could that be it? I’ve been thinking that the block oscillators have the best tone! Compared to some others… returning to Reaktor always feels like a safe move.

yes, reaktor sounds much better.
And is still usable in terms of cpu, unlike softube modular

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Reaktor is the only softsynth I need. It’s the best compromise between the depths of Pd/Max and the immediacy of something like VCV.

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I wonder how they’ll manage to take it further with Reaktor 7… ? 6 feels so complete, and I never missed polyphony with Blocks - thou there is many workarounds of course.

Anyone using the morph filter in Reaktor? Tried it today…

If you have any examples please post.


These are great:)

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