Kodokushi - Drumstep / Drum & Bass (OT,A4,MnM,MD+MS20Mini)


An example of just how fucked up (in a good way) Drum & Bass can sound on Elektron Gear - Kodkushi is the last sneak peak track from my forthcoming Morphology 1.0 that’s due out on 11.11.13.
The last track i wrote using my old MD this ropes in the OT,A4,MnM and MS20 Mini in huge amounts all over the place. As always, tracked, mixed and produced in Logic Pro.
Enjoy :slight_smile:

this is very cool. great work. I’m always curious how much of all these micro edits are done inside the DAW or are coming from the sound modules itself…
would you care to share how you approached it?

No master track in the OT.
Master Break on Track one.
Duplicated on flex machines in the OT over 8 tracks.
2 tracks @ 4 slices
2 tracks @ 8 slices
2 tracks @ 16 slices
2 tracks @ 32 slices
Then they are resequenced from there using tracks at different lengths / timing divisions and built up - then all 8 tracks are multi-tracked into Logic, compressed, effected further & bussed into a super gnarly limiter.
Different efx processing / plocks and all that jazz including scenes etc per track.
All A4, Monomachine, MD & MS20 parts are recorded as sequenced but the MD has a bit of LFO modulated ring modulator added fro grit and tonal character.
Vox parts where cut up and spliced in Logic.
That said every track in the MD, OT, A4 and MnM where tracked out separately with the bass being a comp of MS20 and Nord Modular FM parts for example.
The whole ambient intro was all MnM and OT for example.
It gets more complex once I start bussing and using vector automation in Logic for pans, swells, volume automation, send/return effects etc…
So that is sort of a short synopsis - I even layered several different effected versions of the same audio parts and did vector morphing between them etc also for subtle timbre variations and the like, so it was a bit of a monstrosity to mix when all is said and done.
It was sequenced via hardware on the midi front though.

hey thanks for the detailed write up - much appreciated!

No problem - that said my main ‘glitch and FSU device’ is in fact my Octatrack as it really excels at mangling audio in very unique and interesting ways.

Sounds like it! :astonished: Great results though. Looking forward to the full release.

Fantastic piece! So many interesting sounds going on in there, and changing all the time.

Excellent work man. Thanks for the detailed write up, it’s interesting to see/learn how something this detailed and this good is created.

Looking forward to your release next month.


Sounds very raw and organic! Great work Venn. I really miss D&B - used to listen to it non-stop back in the day. Can’t wait to check out your release - will there be more d&b on it?

Hi Poonti,
Gelatine is kind of drum & bass in that they’re the major components of the track though most people will label it Idm or something similar. The album is a mix of 4 new tracks, 1 collaboration, 2 remixes done by me for other artists and 3 remixes of my tracks done by Biologik, Honeysmack and LittleBirds.
So it has a certain vibe of its own that works amazingly well as a long play album (10 tracks in total).
The album after this one is going to be a “drum&bass” influenced album with a very futuristic and avant-garde edge to it as i feel its a genre that really hasn’t been explored fully to this day. At the moment the working title is simple 'The Blueprint" and all these newer tracks like the one above where born out of experimenting with harder edged production techniques for the new material in question.
Caduceus, Soma:Redux, Gelatine and Kodokushi work rather well together even though they are all stylistically somewhat different.
If you’re into drum and bass you may like this track from my previous release earlier this year titled “Everyday is Busy” - still a personal favourite of mine (it’s on a much mellower jazzy tip but still drum&bass inspired none the less).


Excellent! A lot of gifted people on this forum.

I like the abstract jazzy vibe on “Everyday…” although I still prefer the dark ambiance of the original track you posted. Was very much into the dark atmospheric d&b (metalheadz, photek, etc) in the mid-late 90’s.

Hi Poonti,
Photek at his peak really was something else and a hard act to beat even to this day IMHO. A lot of my material is very abstract with nujazz inflections but I am trying to get away from pigeon holing myself into one style and want to branch out a little more, so the feedback on a track like this has been truly invaluable.
Thank you. :slight_smile:

Very Good Work

Those sounds are just INSANE!

Thanks Merge and MK7 - kindly appreciated :imp: