Korg Collection 3

A great update to the Korg VST suite: + Prophecy, +miniKORG 700S, +Triton

I quite like their digital Odyssey reproduction (much better sounding than virtual MS-20), if the miniKORG is on the same level, that would be very cool.

Not talking about MOSS, people were asking for reissue of Prophecy & Z1 for ages!


seems like they are not NKS though…yet?

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My first thought too.

From a super quick NI forum check, I think some one has mapped everything to provide the functionality. But no official NKS support from the looks of things

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it’s odd because I think a lot of their other stuff is. No NKS, no dice, although I would love to have that Wavestation plugin for $49!

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I never worked with NKS stuff. Is it a deal breaker in comparison with loading a VST into the Maschine (or the soft you are using)?

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Hmm I can’t get the upgrade as I own 4 of the plug-ins already included in this new collection, no point in owning some of them twice, oh well

I got NKS presets for the full Korg Legacy collection here for about £10 - Korg Legacy \ Collection NKS Library for Komplete Kontrol \ Maschine

Includes 900 Wavestation presets, all nicely tagged and mapped with artwork and audio previews!

For me it is because of (1) sound previews and (2) automatically mapped knobs (using an M32).

I have small templates for little synths I have made for myself in Lion and Reaktor, or a different layout for Super 8, but otherwise i do not have time for extensive sound design like in Hive, for example. So the sound preview is a godsend for me.

And then I just sequence from the Tracker and sample it almost immediately. :metal:

Thanks. (Just recalled how I tried to use Novation’s automap, if it’s not native, it becomes clunky)

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That promo-video is abysmal.

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it’s just awful and upsets all my senses.

Lol. Maybe it worked… for somebody

(not for me too, because there are just too much things in the demo songs, cannot hear the synth)

Well, I just upgraded from the original bundle. I’m also an ex. owner of a Prophecy and a Triton Extreme, so know how they were put together.

Prophecy is what made me update, but wow - the ARP Odyssey is fantastic!

It looks like the Prophecy plug=in saves sysex files, which might transfer to a real Prophecy if you have one. There was always something organic about the Prophecy sound, which yo undo seem to get here too. Possibly some glitching artefacts in there at the minute though. Some notes on some patches not yet quite right.

If they produce a Z1, which will transfer patches to and from the hardware - I’m definitely in! Also tempted to buy back the Prophecy I sold to an old mate, who wants rid.

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It’s cool to hear that VST is close to the original. Found this demo and it sounds quite awesome for 1995. Did not have a chance to play any of it, only seen Z1 on sale once and it was $1500 5 years ago, now it would be 2500 or more…

Not sure what is happening to me but I’d sorta consider buying this. If only I could find the m1 le license that I’m sure I got with some korg purchase in the past.

This is what i looked into as well. I knew I had an old M1 LE license that I registered but totally forgot which site it was because I never used it. Turns out, you had to register it on korguser.net back in the day. I reset my password and logged in and had an offer for a $200 upgrade to Korg Collection 3 and took advantage of that.

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Cool, was it only 1 license to light version of M1? My license for the other legacy plugin did not provide any advantage… (used the same old korguser shop)

Yup! I reset my pw and logged into Korg User and there was an option to upgrade m1 le to korg collection and it gave me a unique promo code to use on the korg shop to get the $199 korg collection 3.

Thnx, I see

Sorry, there is no upgrade coupon for you.

Users who have registered 6 KLC products (MS-20, Polysix, Mono/Poly, M1, WAVESTATION and MDE-X), or M1 Le are eligible for this upgrade offer.

Curious, what’s so special in M1 Le, but nevermind…

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Got the same message I’d have to buy Polysix and Wavestation to get the upgrade coupon