Korg ms 20 with A4

Hello my friend,

I would like to know if anyone already use A4 to trig a korg ms20 old version (not mini). If so, can i have resume of this experience ?
Thanks for return

The only difference really is 1/4" patch cables on original and 1/8" on new Mini. Functionally they are same, however, because of the nature of VCO’s, you could set 10 MS20 originals up with 10 different A4’s and you would probably have slightly different cv/gate settings for each–the same can be said for the new Mini and any true VCO as opposed to DCO analog synth.

As stated, the only difference between the original and Mini is the size of the jack plugs. CV voltage, everything else, is exactly the same. So all you need is two 1/4" insert cables and you are ready to go - a little simpler than with the Mini in fact, since you won’t need a converter cable for the smaller jack size.

As for how it sounds…

I actually just came across that YT video for some reason and THIS is the kind of helpful videos would like to see more of. The pop-up captions of what is actually going on and why/how with video camera directly above is brilliant. If could add anything, it would be of a separate close-up of the screen like in upper corner of video. The sound is massive as well!

One of the reasons I bought the A4 was so I could sequence my MS20 (original).

I use a reqular 1/4" insert cable from the A4 into the MS20: red is CV, black is TRIG IN (gate). Works a treat!

This was my first atempt:

i’m not surprised you have hidden your face in that video, that is such a poorly equipped studio … what … the … droooool ! ; - ]

yeah… poor guy…

Thx all for answer.

Thx Unicorn303 for your video.

I’ll buy the A4 as soon as i can, to stimulate my ms20.


I totally understand… my ‘poorly’ equipped studio still needs a OT.

Anyone using an A4 + MS20 + OT??

uh oh

… and How was your configuration? I have problems with the setup of the AK and my Korg Ms-10