Korg Nano Kontrol with A4?

Hi all,

Is it possible to use something like a nano Kontrol with the A4 to control volume levels of each part and maybe sends or perf parameters? I’m aware the octatrack can do it but I’ve never seen anyone use one with the A4.


you’ll need a MIDI usb host - there’s no DIN midi out option with those afaict

you’d also need to browse the user manual (and forum) for the exact CC required, some (lesser used) A4 parameters are only addressable via NRPN midi message which the korg almost certainly won’t send

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Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

@Jack_Pimiento , You would also certainly want to confirm if different faders can have their own unique MIDI channels programmed on the Nano, since each track on the A4 is on a unique MIDI channel.

If the only option is a global MIDI channel, you’re out of luck.
If another option is a MIDI channel per bank on the Nano, you would have to switch banks each time you wish to control a different A4 track.

Check the Nano’s programming software. I don’t see a MIDI channel setting on individual controls from this screenshot.


Which version?
I’ve got the Nanocontrol2 and it does have a pretty flexible editor where every button and whatnot can have its own channel and various other settings… You do need a computer to run the editor.

Pic shows the Pad device but the editor is the same for all the nano2’s…
Here’s version 2:

-settings will be slightly different for the Kontrol… But indeed channel selection is there as well.

So encouraging for a v2 Nano but not so much for V1?

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As Midi Hub you could use this: https://www.retrokits.com/shop/rk005/

The RK-005 hosts USB MIDI devices and USB Hubs. It interconnects USB-Devices and sends the merged MIDI to the DIN5 out port.

Where other USB-Hosts do host-only, the RK-005 is also a Class Compliant MIDI device as well. The RK-005 connects to a computer, phone or tablet and gives you a fast and solid MIDI In and Out from your DAW. Even simultaneously.

Translates MIDI clock to Gate-out: Sync up Pocket Operators, Monotribes or Modular systems to your USB or DAW setup with ease.

I use this to control my A4 MK2 with my Novation LaunchControl.

You can indeed set a unique MIDI channel for each column in a scene on the Nano Kontrol 1.

So a whole scene can have a unique midi channel, but an individual fader cannot have its own unique midi channel compared to another fader within the same scene?

A scene can have a midi channel but each column within a scene can also have a separate midi channel, a column consists of 2 buttons, a knob and a fader.

In the above picture Scene 4 is set set to MIDI channel 1 but column 1 is set to midi ch. 2 and column 2 to midi ch. 3. The rest of the columns are set to the scene’s channel (1).


Thanks for clarifying!


The nanos are nice little affordable and flexible units. Have the pad and the kontrol 2 and they’ve served me well for various uses… Small, lightweight, affordable, flexible, usb bus powered. Need a usb host though or you can route through a computer, they are class compliant and work well with a host. There’s a control surface plugin for Logic users that will automap the Kontrol…