Korg Prologue 8/16 Voice Analog Poly Synth

Just spotted some details have leaked re: Korg’s new analog poly:

Prologue, the new hybrid analog synth from KORG

A 49-key, polyphonic analog polyphonic synthesizer and the 61-key, 16-channel version, which can be described as a “hybrid” synth by integrating a digital motor into the center of its fully analog circuit.

Close cousin of KORG’s already famous Minilogue and Monologue, the prologue is a complete and fully programmable polyphonic analog synthesizer. Hormone boosted version, it is distinguished from these predecessors by a keyboard with large keys, a polyphony of 8 or 16 channels (depending on the model) and a new engine
digital sound (the multi-engine) greatly expanding the sound and customization possibilities. As you will understand, the prologue range includes two models: the 8-channel version of 49 keys and the 16-channel version of 61 keys. Let’s find out more in detail what lies beneath this beast …

The prologue takes again the powerful analogical circuits which made the strength of its predecessors (Minilogue and Monologue), and thus proposes an incomparable quality of sound as well as an astonishing presence. More than 11000 electronic components have been used for its manufacture! The prologue is composed of 2VCO, 1VCF, 2EG, 1VCA and 1LFO. It also features the famous built-in oscillator allowing you to create unique waveforms to refine your harmonies and create breathtaking sounds. Add to that a bipolar low-pass filter and powerful distortion and you have a powerful analog palette to create deep bass, powerful leads, and the beautiful pads that are expected of a polyphonic synthesizer. Also note that the prologue is bi-timbral, and allows you to play two different programs simultaneously.

Despite its analog power, the prologue retains its ease of use and intuitive interface worthy of the latest KORG synthesizers. You will find on the panel the easy selection of channel modes (POLY, MONO, UNISSON, CHORD …), the powerful arpeggiator, or the simplified selection (and sortable) of the 500 programs.

The ingenuity of the prologue goes beyond its analog design. Indeed, by adding to the original 2 VCOs a third MULTI ENGINE digital oscillator, KORG is exploring new experimental sites. This new engine, adding digital and FM waveforms, can be combined with analog VCOs to extend the sound potential of the prologue far beyond that of a traditional analog synthesizer. The noise generator, the VPM oscillator and the high-quality digital effects (modulation and delay / reverb) bring you complex metallic sounds and harmonics that you never thought possible.

Another novelty, and not least, this new engine MULTI ENGINE offers a USER mode that allows you to load oscillator programs of your own creation (and yes!) You can develop on the dedicated software (available in early spring 2018 ). There are sixteen slots for this parameter.

Many waited for a Minilogue with big keys. In the end KORG did better, but still listened to users’ comments. On the prologue, you’ll find Japanese keyboards of 49 and 61 notes, with big keys, that offer the same feel and expression as the high end KORG keyboards.
Beyond the keyboard, KORG has really paid attention to the details of the overall design. The body of the prologue synthesizer offers a black aluminum panel, wooden side panels and metal potentiometers highlighting the beauty of the instrument that will be as comfortable on stage as in the studio.

The first copies of this powerful synthesizer should arrive in France in March. The price of the 8-way model should run around 1500 € and we are talking about 2000 € for the 16-channel version.

No synth is powerful with only 1 lfo


I’m more surprised that it’s only got a low pass filter.

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Oh really?
Thought it had a multimode.
Yep huge fail


I thought that was a huge downfall too.

I’ve not used any of the 'logue series but apparently the sequencer can sequence parameters so this will ease the fact there is only one LFO.

Also if the oscillator can be used as audio rate LFOs in the mod matrix this would ease further.

Looking forward to hearing it - but very much unconvinced atm

They said it would blow people’s minds but my mind just went hmm it looks nice, they played it safe, I wonder how it sounds

" The digital side brings a third multi-engine digital oscillator bringing digital and FM waveforms to the party"

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Sick of ‘modern’ synths having basic features missing.
LFO’s are digital for christ’s sake.
DSP costs fuck all these days
Slap at least 3, if not 4 in the thing.
No excuse imo


Prophet rev 2, even cheaper I think has modulation done properly.
3 env, 4 lfos and a huge mod matrix.
These sort of digital specs should be standard on a hardware synth


Well im grateful , no GAS at all :slight_smile:
1 LFO no thanks especially if it sounds like the Minilogue.
Hope they will fix the crappy Minilogue ENV that always reset to zero.

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load oscillator programs of your own creation (and yes!) You can develop on the dedicated software

What do they mean with „oscillator programs“ ? The programmer in me says „I create my own wavetable system“ but the synth nerd says „maybe a waveform editor?“…maybe it’s just a translation issue…

And yes just one LFO is not enough, but Octatrack can add LFOs via midi if needed.

leak yeah yeah

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It sounds nice, and perhaps there is something to its rather simple signal path - definitely more of a performer’s instrument. What I find surprising is the lack of pan spreading the voices…

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Pretty, but no GAS whatsoever. Bring on the new Volcas. :wink:

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Best thing about the Prologue: Developers can write their own digital oscillator and effects for it!! It has 16 user slots for both digital osc and effect section. Korg will release a developer kit/APIs later for it.

What does it mean? Somebody will port all the braids oscillator modes (they are open source) to the Prologue. :slight_smile: A 16 voice braids type synth with analog filter and some custom effects.


Interesting, will it be stereo, or mono as minilogue?

IMO a synth lives up by it’s modulation capabilities. Two analogue oscillators, one digital oscillator, and one filter seems to be pretty standard for sound design. Compared to the DSI Prophet 8, or Rev 2 respectively, it seems to lack many modulation options.

Let’s see, what Korg reveals in the future and let’s hear, how the sound is. At least 16 unison voices can become massive :wink:

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Love it. But I’m not gasing it. Nor do I feel it for that mixer thing.

If anything’s getting my NAMM money, it’s the DFAM, for now.

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So far NAMM isn’t giving me any GAS, I’ll amost certainly grab the Volca mix if it runs from battery though, the Prologue though seems a bit boring to me, I don’t get why there are so many keyboard synths still being made but I suppose there must be a market for them. Personally if I was a keys player I’d rather have a decent weighted controller, a smaller synth type controller and a bunch of modules and no other synths with built in keyboards.