Korg’s Minilogue XD INSTRUMENTS for MPCs, Ableton, Deluge, Beatmaker & SFZ

Hey guys, I just released a pack of instruments from Korg’s Minilogue XD for MPCs, Ableton, Deluge, Beatmaker & SFZ. : Sounds from: Minilogue XD

It’s the 50 first factory presets, you can hear them here : Korg Minilogue XD All 200 Factory Presets(sound demo) - YouTube

I will release the other presets in the coming weeks and some originals presets after that. I’m also doing some other packs with my Liven 8bits, Syntakt, Digitone and more !


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It is generally illegal to resell commercial sample packs or synth preset packs without explicit permission from the copyright owner. This can lead to legal action for copyright infringement. It is important to make sure that you have the necessary permissions before reselling or distributing copyrighted materials.


This isn’t copyrighted material. It’s NOT a presets pack NOR a copyrighted pack of samples that I bought then I’m reselling…

And what if I changed/tweek them slightly…

1st post:

2nd post

You contradict yourself.

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€10 for a copy of another work? No thanks.

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Not really.

I’m just putting the sound from the minilogue available to everyone and it’s a lot of hours. Sorry for the inconvenience.

These are just sounds from a machine, sampled. I don’t know if the cautionary legal statements are warranted.

I’m not sure if the site you can download them from allows it, but you may want to see if they have a donate option instead of an outright purchase, if you’re worried about it.

While I won’t be a customer, someone out there appreciates your efforts. :pray:

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Thank you very much.

I just think that some people would enjoy being able to have some of the sounds of a nice analog synth on their own samplers or DAW :man_shrugging:

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