Korg Wavestate with Digis idm breakcore video (plus Digitakt breakcore tip)

Here’s a video I made using the Korg Wavestate on bass and drums, Elektron Digitakt on breaks, and the Digitone for pads. I also used Stutter Edit 2.

Thanks for listening.


You should share this here. Its’ nice. :slight_smile:

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@ sinkingfeeling sounds great! any tips on how to achieve this kind of sound with the digitakt? like is there any great breaks with digitakt tutorial/resource you would recommend? thanks!

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@raphh I have a minute so I’ll try to explain how I do weird breaks on the Digitakt.

First I have a bunch of 2 bar loops at the same bpm, and I load them into the sampler.

Then on the LFO page I set trig Hold, and the waveform to random/S&H, and the destination to sample select. Depth should be to taste, but it should be so your cycling through the samples, not into empty slots.

Then on every other trig I advance the start point in 7.5 increments (8th notes, 3.25 for 16ths). For example, 1st trig start point is 7.5, second trig is 15, third trig is 22.50 etc. through the beat for 2 bars.

You can set the points however you want obviously, this is just go straight with the beat.

I also set the sample to Loop forward, and each trig has a probability condition.

So each hit you get a different break, but it’s always on beat. Pretty fun! Enjoy!

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Thanks for the tips. Doing breakcore/idm on octa or digi is the thing I am planning to try for ages.

However by title of the topic I expected to hear breaks from Wavestate itself (it’s possible and even more, there are videos of even semi-granular stuff with it’s sequencer)

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Yeah the Wavestate can be a lot of fun, I’ve posted a few videos of it on its own doing drums and whatnot.

Really looking forward to the official Wavestate editor and hopefully sample import. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: