Kyra from Waldorf

ADDED: Name change – had been Waldorf Kyra – formerly Exodus Valkyrie – January 26, 2019

ADDED: This is now a Waldorf project/product with the link for that starting here.

There is a new hardware digital synth from a new company, and they decided to buck the trend and unveil at Musikmesse and not wait for Superbooth.

The Exodus Valkyrie

Check out their Soundcloud page to hear the synth being played.
Also they’re hiring so if you’re looking particularly in the UK check out their SC page.

The samples sound like some very snappy 90’s style dance music – but you can be pretty sure this synth is capable of a lot more than that.


(The picture is two years old)
(Copy paste from SoundCloud)

The Valkyrie Synthesizer is finally complete and will be launched at MusikMesse, Europe’s biggest Music Show, in April 2018 in Frankfurt. Come and see Valkyrie for yourself on stand F46 in Hall 4.1. Valkyrie is a mainstream synth and will launch at a mainstream price.

Valkyrie has two groups of five 32x oversampled oscillators per voice (a total of 1280 actual oscillators) with hard sync, ring mod and FM, dual PCM wavetables with 4,096 (!) waves available, dual analog ladder modelling filters with 12 and 24dB/octave options, an advanced modulation matrix, a killer stereo hypersaw, an arpeggiator, 3 EGs and 3 stereo LFOs with 64 shapes and MIDI sync. It is 8 part multitimbral with a dedicated nine module FX unit per part including shelving EQ with sweepable mid and formant filter, dual (pre- and post-FX) tube response limiters, 5 algorithm distortion unit, chorus/flanger, DDL, a truly wonderful 6-stage phaser plus reverb. All of these run in stereo at 96kHz floating point. With the exception of dual filters/dual voice mode which uses two voices per note, Valkyrie ALWAYS delivers 128 notes of polyphony regardless of settings or effects. There are no compromises.

Valkyrie implements full keyboard MIDI tuning for alternative tunings such as Hermode.

Valkyrie is a hardware synth. There’s no DSP chips here, that’s obsolete technology from the 90s. All sound generation and filtering is 100% custom build hardware that was designed from the ground up for interactive creativity. We even designed our own multicore operating system designed specifically for audio. Valkyrie uses less than 10W of power and starts up in less than 4 seconds. Keyboard and 19’ rack models are in development.

Valkyrie has 4 balanced stereo 32bit 96kHz analog outputs using audiophile-grade components including an Asahi Kasei DAC and Nichicon Fine Gold capacitors, 8 stereo 48kHz/96kHz parts over USB 2.0 (Audio Class 2.0 profile, Windows 7+ and OSX) with ASIO, ultra low latency MIDI (via physical MIDI and USB) and a beautiful high resolution OLED display. Valkyrie comes complete with a comprehensive Editor/Librarian application for Windows and Mac users. Valkyrie stores over 3,300 Patches all of which can be instantly recalled on the front panel or via MIDI.

We’re interested in engaging a number of people/companies for the launch of Valkyrie. If you match these requirements please contact us or book a face to face meeting at MusikMesse:

Professional Patch Programmers and demo composers to build out Valkyrie’s Factory Presets. Get the inside track on your competition by getting early access to Valkyrie hardware to have your commercial Patch Banks ready for Valkyrie’s Day Zero. Cross-promotion deals can be discussed.

Instrument Test Engineer: To do the final reliability tests for Valkyrie. Technical knowledge of MIDI protocol analysis, synthesizer operation and architecture required.

C++ Developer with ROLI JUCE Framework - to maintain and extend the Librarian/Editor application on Windows and MacOSX.

Established MI Distributors - UK, EU and beyond. Book a session with us at MusikMesse (very few slots are left now!)

Exodus website which currently redirects to SoundCloud –


Those specs are fantastic! Kind of what i expected from a Virus TI3. I hope the design is a prototype, the white parts look a little bit odd. But the specs are incredible!


Yeah I’m definitely keeping an eye on this one.

I think those white parts are an optional angled stand or something. Here was the original image I saw of it.

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Finally a hardware synth with specs worthy of this day and age.
Look forward to hearing it


Seriously! Too many hardware specs feel like they are intentionally in the past. I don’t get it.

Yeah it is bizarre, I still don’t get the modern trend
This things specs are exactly why I would consider a hardware synth again

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I’m not hearing any sound samples that appeal to me- it’s like they found people of a similar genre to demonstrate the piece’s potential. I’ll keep an eye out for it- it could be cool

Though its doubtful that they’ll TI integrate it to make it an applicable synth for my needs.

That’s just me, though- y’all enjoy

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Haha just saw the latest photo.
I guess Access took way too long to release the TI3.
Someone had to do it. Awesome


I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this looks like a virus and the name begins with V; I think they are attempting to fill the space where a virus ti3 would fit.

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Yeah, even the knobs look like the same. I really hope it can import wavetables.

I wonder what the mean with „dual PCM wavetables with 4,096 (!) waves available„? Two wavetables at the same time per oscillator? Would be awesome to be able to blend between them. Or is is one table for the right channel and one for the left? And do they talk about 4096 different wavetables, or on wavetable equal 4096 “steps“?
Anyway, finally a new promising digital hardware synth!

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Interesting. This could be relevant to my interests. Any website / contact details apart from that Soundcloud page?

Edit: Noted that there is an email on the flyer.

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The flyer is two years old. I posted the official website into my first post in this thread. But currently it redirects to SoundCloud. They probably wait until the „Musik Messe“ has started, to release the website.


I can’t really find any more info. Hopefully something launches digitally after Musikmesse. Something like this with OT could be insane. The demos are pretty cheese but from the specs I think this synth could cover a ridiculous amount of ground.


Anybody wanna speculate on the price? hahaha too soon?

I’ll reach out to them. Obviously I’ll probably be signing an NDA; so don’t expect any info from me. I’m curious about the C++ Developer role. I’m going to be looking for a new job soon…


Just listened to the Soundcloud demos.
Even sounds like a TI, infact reckon they may have used one for the demos :joy:
Hopefully it brings something sonically new to the table when released

Sounds great but how many monies?


Hm. Waldorf Quantum looks more innovative and for real.

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