Lacking of.. TODAY

With lots of people having access to a cpmputer and internet. Followed by lots of free stuff, plug-ins, tutorial, trial/lite versions and what not. Surely besides the will, there really isnt anything to deter even the most budget conscious to make good music. In short no lack of tools. Hence i think we are now living in a golden age of synthesizers and electronic music. What do you think?



Though I can’t help but feel the limitless choice is overwhelming and it can be hard to settle on a sound and workflow.

That’s my struggle at least…


Golden Age of fun shit to play with for sure, but as to whether or not that adds up to good music being made, that is entirely up to the creative mind behind it all, and the ears of the listener.


I think music and culture in general is becoming more standardized than ever. One example is fx pedals like generation loss and microcosm. They sound great but they also make everything sound like everything else. Just endless variations on the same thing. They omit everything that’s personal and unique about the process. Instead it’s all about the sound and the outcome which are already predetermined. The music itself is something of a side product. So to me it seems more like we’re in the golden age of the commodification of every single aspect of music and music making.


“Surely besides the will, there really isnt anything to deter even the most budget conscious to make music.”

More accurate this way, I’d say, and to this degree I’d fully agree!

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What’s missing is bands.
Not saying that you have to do drums/guitar/bass, but the element of fucking about with some mates, for months, even if it’s garbage, until you find something special… that’s missing.
I blame the rent, it’s too damn high, everyone feels they gotta be hustling 24/7.


Agree re bands/groups. Less and less access to space for rehearsal = less extended face to face social/collaboration time to work out who you click with


While I agree, that there never was a time, where music making was more accessible, there never was a time with that much options, temptations and distractions.
While you had to really think about purchases and had to work with what you have, and were more or less forced to learn your stuff, you can now download everything for nothing. The decision for the DAW alone is a thing for itself.
Since I am back into electronic music, and I love that I am able to do everything alone instead of being dependent on other people in the band, I miss the times, where I was able to take that one Guitar, with 3 others, playing their ONE instrument, and had fun and room for creativity for years…

Nah, golden age was 90s due to the explosion of creativity everywhere.


New to mankind: internet.
That made all of this possible…

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A Golden Age requires great music not great gear. Go ahead, I dare you: tell me this is a Golden Age of Music I need a good laugh.



And I think people get distracted by the ‘noise’ when trying to take in the bigger picture. Discussions of quality and standardisation don’t make sense to me when there is so much music it’s coming out of the walls.

I mean sure @skinpop you might find many videos of the Microcosm on YouTube, but consider that there are also more people not using the microcosm, and those people will outnumber musicians even 10 years ago - that’s just a problem with perception and popularity. That the microcosm is popular among generative synth heads doesn’t impact the 4000 heavy metal tracks released this week.

Same goes for quality IMO - there is more music, ergo there is more good music. There is also more bad music, the bar for release is much lower than it was when you could only buy the top 10 records, but that doesn’t mean the music being released is worse, far from it - I could go and find music that blows me away in 10 minutes flat, easy - and I could do it over and over again until my ears fall off.


I can relate. I see people around me having less and less time for creative outlets like music due to working so hard to afford a decent life. I know I often lack the energy for music after a long day at work. Then, on weekends, chores, errands, and some semblance of a social life tend to come first. A quiet Sunday morning with my machines feels pretty luxurious to me these days.

I have plenty of gear and software. But, time and energy to use them is what I lack.

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Free crap doesn’t inspire creativity?!

If you going to be that dismissive of another poster’s opinion, you maybe need to back it up a little better than this.

FWIW I actually think it is possible to find great new music more easily than ever - to the point where it’s almost overwhelming.
You can disagree with that. It’s fine. No need to be aggressive about it though.


Can you define what good music is? I don’t understand this kind of opinion. Are there rules for good music?


Or you’re just not looking hard enough.

Your hostility doesn’t make for a better point. That your music taste arrested its development in your youth is no reflection on the availability of quality music being made today.

Would you like some recommendations?


This is just going to end up load of old blokes shouting music was better in my day. I know because I slip into that rant every so often

I grew up in the 90s and for me it was a golden age for hip hop and dance music but being 20 now has different possibilities and ways of doing things. Some are better and some are worse than when I was 20 but shit changes. Same as when I was 20 and my older generation mocked my music and claimed it was better in the 80s or 70s or even 70s. Their arguments would hold weight but still for me my time was better. It’s all subjective though

There is loads of good music and exciting artists. I’m just too lazy to seek them all out but I do look for new music each week. Not like I used to by follows labels or artists but by randomly shuffling through playlists or on Bandcamp checking linked artists to music I like.

Locally I don’t think the club scene has the same vibe as when I was younger. Lack of underground venues being one. But it’s healthy and there are many collectives doing good things. Local artists are getting on labels more than ever because of music becoming more connected and locality not as important as in the 90s

There are many pluses and negatives, things that were better and other things that are better now. Mainly though is it’s just different

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All dressed up and no place to go… should be a topic in itself.

Golden age of fucking around.

We’re at least living through a great time for music accessibility though. Plenty of good stuff out there and it’s easier than ever to find it with streaming and sharing platforms.

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