Last of Us Show *Spoilers

Anyone into the new Last of Us Show? Loved the Game and was pretty hyped for it.

After Episode 3 now I am coming down a bit. The Episode was good but I don‘t like Spin off Episodes and I don‘t know why you start to take speed out of the mainline story in the inly the 3. Episode. Thats fast.

Also Creatures and CGI are sadly not as good as they could have been.

But I like that the two main charakters are pretty different than in the game. So you can tell the same story but it‘s still a whole different feeling.

episode 3 was one of the finest pieces of telly I’ve ever seen. it was a masterpiece from start to finish imo. the 2003 flashbacks in ep’s 1 & 2 were so good too.

tbh I don’t care for it religiously sticking to the game, especially instead of trying to make the best show possible in its own right.
it should take what it needs from the game & divert when it needs to in my opinion.

not such a huge fan of the cheeky banter between Joel & ellie and that from the game. it works better on Playstation imo. Big fan of both the games here.

but man, after ep 3 I can’t wait for next week. great series.


the point of ep 3 is for Joel to understand why he must take Ellie across the country even if he doesn’t think she’s worth the risk. that if someone like Bill could live half his life with Frank, Joel has no excuses for not making the same kind of sacrifices for Ellie (did they need a whole hour to show that? i dunno, probably not. but it wasn’t just all there for no reason)


i haven´t played the game…

But i agree on the sentiments of EP.3 it was one of the better television experiences in a long time.
Another one was Ep.1 of Invincible, but that´s for another topic.


Having played the games and being offended by the casting of two actors who bear no resemblance to their videogame counterparts, I was not going to watch this. But if you guys like it, I will reconsider.

Ellie has a bit more bite on the show, in the game she’s a bit more sort of sullen and chill. But she’s starting to chill out with Joel.

I thought ep 3 was enjoyable, quite a nice love story, but not ‘best Tv ep of all time’ level. It’s getting rave reviews. It did feel a bit like an off piste kind’ve thing, like a random X files episode or something but still connected to the main story. Also would have loved to see Bill meet Ellie but eh, no biggie.

I also recognised the music from Arrival, I dunno if that was a good move or not. I kept thinking about the baby and the Chinese dudes wife, I guess it’s been a few years but still.

I thought the creatures and stuff so far have been great, the clickers in the 2nd ep were sick. Also love those little intro bits that reveal a bit more about the world prior to Armageddon. The whole fungal thing is great.

Digging it so far and it’s not often I wait week to week to watch a show. Hoping it gets a second season as it already seems to have legs, it might even eclipse the games in terms of where the story goes in future.

I’d love em to do a prequel. full show based in 2003 when the sh1t hit the fan.

those bits are so good. eery. great tone. top stuff

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Yeah the scene from Indonesia was great… it really added to the realism that, the fact that it wasn´t western centric with english speaking people and so on. it really hit home that it was a pandemic.


Ep3 was indeed really really good. Perfect pacing and atmosphere. Loved it.


Season 2 is confirmed by HBO, also it will follow second game the same as this first season follows first game, some things a bit remixed, and some things will have some backstories. I’m all for it…man this will be depressing in a good way.


I won’t say what the Dr said but when the army guy was like, what should we do? And she was like … “….” I was like, omg, mind blown :exploding_head:

Imagine calling that

I liked it too, but for me it had not so much to do with the main story. And joel is not much involved in it at all.

It was really good, but also not the finest moment in TV for me.

I also starting to like that Ellie has more bite in the Show.

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I love it.

Ep3 was a master class in storytelling, but it also sends the message to those who know what’s coming next, from the game’s narrative - you don’t know. Not anymore.

They’ve unhinged the narrative now and that’s just making me even more invested in what’s coming next.

I always struggled somewhat with the grime in the first game and don’t even get me started on the second one, but if Frank’s and Bill’s story in the game was pretty bleak, it’s absolutely beautiful on the show.

So all narrative bets are off now and the show’s all the better for it.


Someone on Reddit noticed they used Bitwig Studio in one of the episodes:



and there’s a bunch of mpcX’s in the 2nd game.


Gave it a go because I’ve always been a fan of post apocalyptic themed stories and the intro premise looked interesting. Not necessarily bad but didn’t find anything particularly engaging about it either.

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Yeah really loved it, first two episodes wasn’t so sure, seemed ok, but that was brilliant

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3rd episode was epic


Ep3 was amazing and really emotive. It reminded me of the depth of writing in Station Eleven. That was an amazing series.

I’ll have to check out station 11. I briefly read a review a while ago. sounded good.