Latency over time

I’ve noticed that over the course of a few hours Overbridge slowly gets more and more away from the source clock on my DAW (Bitwig).

To test this, I punched in a click type of pattern and then ran that along with the DAW’s metronome. At first, they will be rock steady in sync but over the course of an hour/two they will be less and less in sync. The only way to remedy is to power cycle my Digitone Keys. After that, the two are perfectly in sync again.

Note: I don’t mean 2hrs of constant playing - just over the course of a few hours of start / stop / recording / general use / leaving to go have dinner etc. the latency gets worse.

Using latest Overbridge/Mac OS/Bitwig.

Hmm, that shouldn’t happen, because everytime you press play using that set up, everything should start from 0.00.0000. There should be no way for that to happen. I’m not doubting what you say, to be clear.

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Yeah I agree it shouldn’t happen as start/stop etc. should all remain in sync. I wonder if it has something to do with the Overbridge audio driver itself slowly falling out of sync. Like I say, if I reboot the Digitone then it’s bang on again.

Like it’s becoming misaligned, the start location, over time?

Are all your OB driver settings at faster/lower settings?

Yup - I have them set to 64 and buffer safety margin @ 70. So pretty low. I’ve emailed Elektron support. Will also try in Live later today to see if the same thing happens over time.

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After a bit more playing with this, time seems to be less of a factor than I thought. It can be out within a mere 5 minutes. Here are 2 screenshots of a simple ‘click’ sound recorded after 5 mins of use. Then after a reboot of the Digitone it is back in sync. No other settings were changed.

I set up the Digitone in Live and it seems to be in sync all the time - so this appears to be a Bitwig issue.

Bitwig after 5 minutes, the click is not on beat.

A power cycle and rerecord with same settings and it’s in sync.