Launchpad and Nanokontrol for Octatrack

hello everyone

Here i am sharing new version of my Pure Data project that turns Novation Launchpad mini mk1(one that you cannot change buttons parameters), and korg Nanokontrol2 to control Octatrack.

in my example it is working on Raspberry Pi ,so no “BIG” computer needed

LaunchPad setup is pretty self explanatory as shown on jpeg

-BANKS/PATTERNS first two (from top)most left buttons switching between two pages of BANKS /PATTERNS 1-8,9-16
-SCENES two round buttons switching between two and sends independend scenes tables 1-8,9-16 and 9-16,1-8 (made mistake in jpeg)
-CROSSFADER two independend crossfader positions,round most left button switching between two and sends
-TRACK RECORDERS starts Track recorders 1-8, user defined A/B ,C/D ,SRC

Nanokontrol except for Track Levels,Cue(CUE is in STUDIO MODE so no switching needed),Mutes ,Solos,and Midi Track Mutes which are just NK sending CC’s,it have some new stuff
and those are controlled by Pure Data

-PARAM RANDOM is parameter randomizer for scenes or part.
is simply three buttons representing three groups of user defined parameters which when pressed
are randomizing those params in active track,
what is interesting here is that when you press STOP button (SQUARE)
it will lit and that means that now when you do randomize it will radnomize respective param group in first four tracks,this can be set as well,for example in all 8 tracks etc. is just how i use it now.
be carefull! if you do not hold scene it will randomize actual part params!
using this i am able to make scenes in no time!

is basically previous/next pattern switcher.
ever wanted to have two butons to go prev/next pattern over all banks…here it is

now this is if you want all tracks TRACK LEVEL&CUE LEVEL params of current PART to be writen on every pattern you switch to
PLAY BUTTON-current settings is send to next each time you switch pattern

I am also planning to make modification to AUDIO/MIDI button and SCENE A/B buttons by controlling them
from Pure Data using virtual midi driver and RPI GPIO’s .

This way i could REMOTELY control every midi track parameter!!!
Also this way of control over SCENE A/B buttons would allow edit REMOTELY selected scene ,without need to hold button thus avoiding danger of accidental overwriting PART data by not holding it…

Basically you need one transistor with resistor attached in a proper way to each button,and then just send 5v from GPIO e.g. 25-27
via virtual midi driver and Pure Data and bob’s your uncle…

that is all for now…

all the best to all of you in coming new year!
and make your OT for people to go crazy on new year eve party!!!