Leaving Guitar Pedals powered on?

Is it ok to leave a guitar pedal on all the time? Is there any special maintenance that I should know about. I just bought the Strymon BigSky and TimeLine. Just wondering if it’s ok to have the power on all the time because it’s a hassle to unplug every night.

I once accidentally left my pedalboard plugged in for 4 days (Strymon Timeline and Mobius included). Nothing bad happened.

Should I do it again? No.


Just pick up a (not too) cheap power strip and turn them off with one switch!


unplug, because :earth_africa: is worth the hassle (if amongst other reasons the $ saved isn’t)


An argument could be made that well engineered kit both (a) shouldn’t be putting stress on components that will damage them over time when they are powered nor (b) that the power-up surge on first connection ages components moreso than in the powered state.

I’d expect leaving kit on for a day or more is ok, particularly it is better than instead doing 10 power ups and downs each time you use it where there is no onboard power on-off switch or gentle shutdown procedure.


when I’m home, I leave my car running in the driveway at all times. turning the key and pulling it out of the ignition is such a hassle.


Common… that’s just not the same but hey thanks for the sarcasm.

I apologize for the snark. but my point was simple: you bought some pretty expensive/very nice pedals… is it really that difficult to turn them off when you’re not using them? I doubt you’d damage them (or at least not for some time anyway), but it’s not like they were free. or that power is. might as well go through the minor effort required to power down. :man_shrugging:

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I can’t speak for Strymon but Eventide has explicitly stated in their support forums that it won’t damage the pedals in any way to leave them powered up for indefinite periods of time (provided, of course, the input power remains within spec).

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Just get a power strip with a switch. Easy.

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Environmental activists says “no” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Some electronic components such as electrolytic capacitors or some type of displays do wear out faster over time when powered on all the time. How fast this wear out takes place varies also heavily depending on the quality of these components.