Lego should make a licensed Minimoog Model D set

And it just so happens I have a design for them. :grinning:

Lego has an ongoing, crowdsourced design competition called Lego Ideas that has led to a growing series of limited-run sets in recent years. It’s extremely competitive, and a long shot. But the Model D seems like an obvious choice, given that they recently released a set based on the most iconic guitar ever – why not follow it up with the most iconic synthesizer?

Part of why I’m excited about this idea is that the proportions of the Minimoog actually lend themselves very well to capturing in Lego. When I realized that the 3 1/2 octaves of keys matched up almost perfectly to the grid of the panel layout, I decided I had to at least try a proof of concept.

A few days later, this is where I’m currently at:

Any thoughts? Suggestions?


I would 100% vote for this and buy it if it won. :sunglasses: awesome idea


Thoughts: Super cute, but ala Funko pops I think perhaps I do not need disposable plastic devices to give me everyday joy.

I would make an exception for anything by not offered by a scam Instagram ad, of course.

I would vote for that!

Great idea!

Although, I want it to be big enough so that I can play it, but small enough so that it hurts when I step on it, to get that real lego experience.


It’s cool! Personally I thought the guitar sets looked awful.

The grand piano set however is amazing, so with the model d I just feel ‘think bigger’ haha.

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I love it! I’d buy it in a heartbeat! I buy every music-related Lego kit.

Why stop there?
I can’t afford or even find a TRx0x… but as Lego?
Like the Millenium Falcon, just a smaller version to spice up the studio landscape. Would love them!

Very nice idea :blush:

Reminds me of stumbeling on



Someone actually did this once, and even made it a working MIDI controller! Lego Minimoog is a working MIDI controller | MusicRadar

I went smaller because at that scale, it’s getting pretty big (and not all that far from actual size), and the keys don’t match up with the panel (note the awkward 1/4 octave at the end of the keyboard).

There was also another Minimoog submission several years ago at Lego Ideas, for cute little super-tiny versions of a Model D and Voyager, although it didn’t make it to the final round:

Hoping this one hits the sweet spot in between too big and too small.

I made a few revisions: The side panels now use a slope brick instead of approximating the slope with steps (slightly less accurate, but it looks better), and I did some fancy plate-layering to adjust the spacing on the panel so that the red switches never butt up against the knobs.


I dig it. I would pick one up for sure.

This would be a cool concept to integrate Korg’s littleBits!

How about a Lego sequencer kit ?


A wall of well done Moog modular would be the bee’s knees.

Two stars, no song mode :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nice. I’d buy it!

Reminds me of this (great) album cover from Beem: Beem - The Future | Flickr

Finally picked this up again, hoping to make an official submission within the next few weeks. Currently adding a few finishing touches, including printed pieces for the panel groups and the nameplate.