Legowelt Rytm pack?

Oh good God yes.

Man gives away enough good stuff that I’m buying this on sight.

So cool, I :heart: Legowelt!

I personally :heart: this soundpack. :slight_smile:

He’s always a great interview as well!

It would be very depressing if humans were the only life form in the universe, it would be kind of sad, because we’re pretty stupid. We don’t have a clue yet how things really are. Yet, we make synthesizers. That’s a positive thing.

This soundpack has Total Percussion Control!


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:alien: :+1:

I am pretty sure that he IS actually one :alien:

When i click “Licence Conditions” on the Legowelt soundpack page it takes me to a page that refers mostly to loopmasters and the octatrack.
Should that be the case?
Might be something to put on the housekeeping list for the new website.

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Oops, my bad– it’s fixed now. Thanks for noticing.

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when I saw a computer screen on the picture of the homepage, I thought OB was released :slight_smile:

Yep, as expected it’s great.

Really stupid install question for the programs/kits I can’t sort out. I have successfully uploaded the samples. I follow the instructions for the Sysex dump. I set it to receive all and see the attached menu - c6 successfully transfers - but nothing changes on the Ryam menu. I then save as a new program.

I’m using the same C6 settings as when I do dumps on the a4.


‘My favorite quote: Maybe Synthesizers are made to express unknown feelings’