Legowelt Studio Tour

Cool dude a bit eccentric…

Watched this yesterday, it’s an awesome combination of being Dutch and eccentric! His setup is pretty damn good. All he needs is some elektron gear! :stuck_out_tongue:

Love legowelt.
He’s just done the latest RA mix, and it’s pretty ace.

His Mrs is a pretty handy knob twiddler too.

Just loaded that mix… Missus who Xosar?

Nice coincidence for me that you posted this.
Have had him on repeat for past few days.
Thanks for posting.

Yeah. They’re a couple I think.

Your spreading gossip…

Haha! Definitely read it somewhere.
Daily mail perhaps? 3am Girls?

His bird is the one who uses 3 elektribes I think… Funny thing is he’s so quiet in real life, he played a weekender my mate put on a couple of years back. Jus the way it is tho I suppose in you own space your more confident. Could barely get a word out of him.

Excellent studio and music tho!!

Yep. That sounds like Xosar.
She has released some great stuff on her own, and they have had a couple of releases together as Xamiga.

^ very ace!!

Xosar’s Boiler Room set: Lots of Electribe action there.

Super awesome video, what a cool guy. It’t funny, of his synths I’ve owned the Polyevolver, JX3P and Moog Little Phatty. He actually mentions in the video that the JX3p and Phatty are kind of boring synths haha. I kind of agree, I guess that’s why I got rid of them.