Length per track vs scale per track

Hi all, I’m watching a tutorial on YT where there’s clearly a choice of using “scale” option in “Length per track” menu. However on my DT there’s only ‘Length’ available and scale is available only in ‘pattern’.
I read in another topic that ‘scale per track’ is only available on OT but as you can see on the attached screenshot it’s on this user’s DT.

Can someone please explain what’s happening here? Thanks.dtpttrk

I’m using 1.11 beta_6 OS.

Scale per track is on all elektron gear now…
you just hit func + yes to make it per track…
M/length is the time until the sequence restarts and changes patterns


When I hit func yes to enter per track this is what I see. The menu is different than the youtuber’s.
Here ‘scale’ affects the whole pattern and not the individual track

Just checked mine And yes it is different …
you must need to update?

Are you sure you are on the latest version?
They haven’t removed any features people would have a meltdown :joy:
Mine is the latest os and has scale per track… u must have a really old os installed

That last screen shot shows project details, if pressing func+yes does not change the screen to length per pattern you are either still on an old os or you need to contact support.

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Actually they did , only a small detail but you used to be able to use the trigs to preview a sound instead of holding func and pressing yes, it was much more comfortable too but they removed it when the sound pool arrived.

Update to 1.11 release. No idea why youre still on beta 6. Scale per track didnt exist in the beta until b8 and was released in final 1.11 almost a year ago.


I don’t know the whole history but guess they did that to add sound pool which is obviously an improvement…just saying they don’t have a list of features to remove in future updates :laughing:

ughh I thought “1.11 beta6” was the latest version! :man_facepalming:
Probably when updating OB I assumed that dt was in it’s latest version too. thanks for mentioning and yes the menu displays correctly.



I just got round to updating my digitakt after reading this thread - I’ve been using my deluge but really missed the digi workflow - and this feature is awesome. I think I’ll be using the digi a lot more now… Why didn’t I check the updates sooner? :man_facepalming:

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I still get the notorious glitchy double note on first cycle thru during playback, when using scale per track… this is so frustrating and makes it pretty much useless as i don’t want random extra notes in my productions. i know i have read others having this issue, hopefully they will fix this issue someday…

Do you have an audio example or a video? I’ve never encountered this to my knowledge.

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Yeah it’s super frustrating for me. I never finished a couple tracks cuz this kept happening.
I’ll go thru my projects and find an example to share…

Hawk, here are the examples. first one shows the skip at the beginning of the second play thru (where the playhead is in the example). the second one shows how it is intended to sound. I also added in a screenshot so you can see what is happening. it seems to add an extra note in there and moves everything forward to allow that, thus making the whole thing off time. I am using all basic samples, no plocks, no conditions, nothing fancy, this is how my tracks are setup:

T1 - 16/16 1/2x OFF 128
T2 - 16/16 1/2x OFF 128
T3 - 16/16 1/2x OFF 128
T4 - 64/64 1/2x OFF 128
T5 - 16/16 1/2x OFF 128
T6 - 16/16 1/2x OFF 128
T7 - 64/64 1/2x OFF 128
T8 - 16/16 1/2x OFF 128

If I have something setup incorrectly, please let me know.

That’s really interesting. It seems like the pattern resets to step 1 twice.

Btw: is there any reason for running all tracks at half speed? Why not just halfing the tempo?

not specifically a need to do it… was reading about this feature on the forum, decided to try it out, made a few tracks using the concept, and kept getting these results… yes i could 1/2 the tempo in this particular case… but i would love to explore the feature a lot more and see the possibilities without this hiccup… no worries as it isn’t deterring me from making beats, but i feel like i am only utilizing part of the awesomeness of the DT, and would like to use all of its awesomeness…