LFO as 2nd envelope

I’m trying to set up the LFO as a second envelope, but I can’t quite figure it out :flushed:

I’d like to remove transients of notes. I don’t hear clicks, but some sequenced notes are a bit too loud during the initial phase (first 1 to 20ms). So I need a short attack phase on some notes.

Secondly I w’d like to setup the LFO as a glide. And I would like to p-lock these into the sequencer. I’m almost there, but the glides are too short and hardly audible. I’d like to bend them up to normal pitch or down to normal pitch. The glide phase should last for about 100ms.

  • it’s not really glide, as in gliding between two notes. It’s more like bending the pitch during the first 100ms of the note I’m trying to do.
    I can sort of “step glide” them by p-locking the pitch parameter, (which is not what I’m trying to do.)

Do you guys have any settings to achieve this?

Then also “off topic”:
I’m not sure if this is because it’s a cheap unit, but sometimes when I’m editing a step and lift up my finger, I accidentally clear the step. I used Octatracks, an A4, a Digitone and a Digitakt, and none of these have this issues. I think somehow, the rubbery buttons on the M:S get double triggered. I understand it’s a cheap unit, but still, is there some special method to prevent me from erasing a step while lifting my finger?

Lastly, the reverb on this unit sounds amazing :heart_eyes:

Thanks for reading

Can’t answer your off-topic question (I tend to have to opposite problem of steps getting stuck), but regarding your main one, it is possible to set the LFO as a 2nd envelope. Caveat: it’s still a Model, so you only get one LFO, and you don’t have control of the envelope except for decay.

In the LFO menu, go to the waveform menu and select ENV. Then pick whatever destination or depth you need.

Glide can be done by setting pitch as destination. Transients MIGHT be addressed with volume as destination (but I’d probably try playing with Sample Start before deciding I needed to use the envelope to do this.

EDIT: Realized I missed an important part of your glide question. Try setting the multiplier section of the LFO to some low value like x2 or x1, then adjust LFO speed as needed

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There’s an alternative way to get a slow attack and that is with FDE (fade) on the LFO setup. Here’s how I did it:


I will have a try tonight