LFO -> OSC 2 FREQ MOD sounds different then SUB 37

Hello, I have a sub 37 and when I put a very small and VERY SLOW vibrato (like 10 seconds for 1 circle)
on ONLY osc 2 you can hear the osc 2 sounding “false” against the osc 1 and moving further and towards osc 1. This is a very nice effect. When I try the same with the Analog four and for that I route a LFO destination to OSC 2 pitch mod (too big effect) freq mod or linear detune it should sound the same but it does not.
In fact you can hear the classic detune sound there. Depenting on what note you play the oscillators behave different from eachother just sounding like a LFO with different speed setting on each different note. I played with some oscillator SYNC setting but no result. I think it is not a A4 problem but more like the sub 37 is just build different.

I hope you guys understand what I mean because this isnt simple withouth sound captures.
It just sound like detuned osc that not changes pitch. You should clearly hear that osc 2 goes up or down in pitch.