LFO reset producing undesirable results

I’m using a free running LFO with saw wave to make an 8 bar filter sweep but its not working at all. I have LFO reset (note page) p-locked on step 1 but when playback passes over this trig, the LFO doesn’t work anymore. The filter seems to stay at a consistent low level. If I disable all LFO reset locks then the filter sweep sounds as it should except it goes out of phase, which is why I’m using the LFO reset toggle.

Perhaps I’m going about this the wrong way but how else can I get the LFO to sweep the filter whilst also being perfectly in sync with the pattern??

I read in a similar thread, that there was a bug and that its been fixed but I’m up to date on OS 1.24C and I can’t get the desired result :unamused:

Any help appreciated! Maybe I’m missing something…

Don’t have my AK anymore to confirm but aren’t the LFO’s clockable to the tempo therefore the pattern?

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hm, I guess you’re running the LFO in trig mode. What happens if it runs free?

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Yes that was here, it was documenting a peripheral issue that could have pointed to other underlying quirks being present, but the case study in that one was relatable to this.

I don’t know about your settings, but you can accurately restart a free running LFO with the correct toggle on the os I am running … [ 1.24 in bottom right, no letter ! I may need to update ]

It’s consistent when I try it with a TRC 1:8 trig on a one bar pattern

A bar will cycle an LFO if the product of spd/mult is 128 (ensure mult is tempo related)
so for 8 bars divide by 8, so factor has to be 16
s1m16 s2m8 s4m4 s8m2 s16m1 (or negative speeds if you like)

test by messing with speed and reset it before the 8 bar cycle reloops, it will start on cue, even if the LFO is in ‘free’ mode, that’s what the toggle is for

works fine on my os … note that tempo multipliers may come into play too

fwiw, it’s always easier to test LFO settings when you target something audible, like pitch then swap back, also try different shapes or phases as a saw starts low/middle

I’ll load up c soon and compare


Thanks for the input guys!

Theres a few different ideas I can try later but it definitely wasn’t working for me last night, maybe using negative depth was confusing things. I’m obviously doing something wrong if its working for you guys, so I’ll have to spend some time figuring it out properly :persevere:


Ok, it seems to be an issue when using the arp at the same time, thats what originally threw me off but after testing for a while I got some weird results.

When arping at the same time, the free running LFO behaviour changes and requires extra note trigs to continue its cycle (I have been using a single infinite length chord for the arp, with the LFO retrig on the same step). I have no idea whats going wrong, maybe the arp is causing the LFO retrig on the first step to keep repeating, causing the target value to stay constantly low. That would explain why an extra note trig without LFO reset makes the LFO advance through its cycle.

Not sure if its meant to be like this but it feels like buggy behaviour.

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It seems very consistent though, the ARP on the LFOreset step is successively resetting the LFO until a step that doesn’t reset is passed and you hear the predictable variation(s) until the next reset

I can see your case for asking if it’s something that could get its own toggle (i.e. ARP does/doesn’t reset lfo, the way you can with legato envs on arp)

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Agreed, it certainly is consistent so I guess its meant to be like that. Having played with it again today, I’m already naturally using it as it is. I think i’m so used to the Octatrack LFO’s that anything else seems weird. A toggle would definitely be useful though!

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