LFO retrigger parameter not working correctly


Diving into analog four finally :slight_smile: What an epic instrument.
One thing struck me though that does not work, but I’m fairly certain it must be me, not the machine.

From the manual (and as expected like on other instruments):

10.8.8 LFO (1)
Controls whether the LFO1 should be retrigged or not when a note trig or lock trig is activated by the sequencer

Works on lock trig, but on a note trig the LFO always gets retriggered. What gives?
I mean for LFO trigger modes. In Free mode it does work…

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Yeah, if the lfo is set to trig, one or half, it will always retrig on note trigs. Free and hold modes can be retriggered manually on the note page.

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sad panda

Why sad panda?

What do you want to do with the lfo?

I use trig modes one and half a lot in combination with LFO.T with DT and DN. A lot of different uses. Of course we have freely assignable envelopes on the A4 so it’s not a big deal. Just me being very used to a particular workflow. Though it still would have been nice if it also worked for trigger, one, and half.

What do you wish to achieve exactly?

Let’s say I have 2 note trigs on step 1 and 2. Using an LFO in one / half mode triggering on trig one, but not on the second trig and slow enough to overlap the second note trig.

Can be achieved with the envelopes of course, so it’s not a big deal :slight_smile: It was mostly a bit confusing as it doesn’t work the same as on the Digis.
There’s not one specific thing I want to achieve at this point in time. Just good to know this doesn’t work.

What if you plock first lfo to trig, second to free? Maybe with some fade out?
You should be able to do what you mean.
But yes, envelopes are more pertinent for this I guess.

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Kind of a workaround but won’t be the same.

it seems slightly weird that it does work as expected (coming from the digis) for lock trigs. So the manual is a bit too vague on this particular subject imho.

I actually think it’s not working correctly. The text in the manual for both the envelopes and LFO trigger options on the NOTE page are identical. There’s no exception noted anywhere about this. It also works on other instruments correctly. So I’m thinking this is actually not working correctly. Will send in a bug report to Elektron regarding this.

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