LFO start

is there a way to ensure the same start position of the free LFO?
like a reset? like having it start its cycle at zero on trig 1 of a sequence.

LFO reset.

Lfo trig switch in the note menu might help

Edit trig page/ note pg
Sorry I’m not with my instrument right now

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Like @Aksdnt said setting the LFO to trig will do the trick. If you just want it to start at zero on just trig one then you can P lock the LFO trig type on just that one trig.

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I was referencing the lfo trig switch on the same page as the trig condition parameter. It allows you to choose whether or not a trig will restart the lfo.
But @GirTheRobot’s method might be more simple

Im trying to get it to run free. I tried putting a triggless trig on trig 1 to start the LFO cycle. It doesnt seem to werk.

I have trigs running through the seq and i want them to hit the same spot each loop, while being able to change the reset point at the begining of each loop by adjusting loop start.

Actually…typing that out made me think of something. I gotta go try some stuff.

Chalk it up to me being dumb.
The track i set the trigless on was the wrong track.

I set a trig LFO start on the first trig and it werked as expected. Doesnt werk when you put the trig on the wrong track :confused:

Sorry bout’ that


Does the free running lfo start at the same point in the wave everytime you play the pattern?.

Yes, when i start the seq with a p-locked lfo mode TRIG on the first step

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