LFO to A4


On Track 1 of the OT I just set up 3 LFOs with midi learn, to the A4, and randomly control F1 F2 and Overdrive on the A4 … great…
now I want to use track 2 of the OT to control more parameters on Track 1 of the analog four… midi learn works so far, but I cannot throw anymore LFOs at the A4 …
what am I doing wrong?

thanks for all insights and tips

What do you mean by “I cannot throw anymore LFOs at”?

If the LFOs on different OT tracks are all directed to the same parameters on the Analog Four, I would expect the LFOs on the OT’s higher-numbered tracks not to have any effect. I don’t know whether that reflects your situation.

I don’t have an AF to try this out myself.

What is actually happening?

i did 3 lfos on track 1 of OT for filter 1 filter 2 and overdrive… all random to track 1 on A4

then I wanted OT track 2 to send more lfos to the A4( say osc level, or subfrequency, just any parameter really, but not the same i had in use on track 1 from the OT) , also to track 1 of A4. but these lfos did not show any effect on the A4.

so I was wondering if the A4 would say: after 3 external lfos I am not accepting anything else

I did a new try today… just copied track 1 to track 2 on the OT and it worked…even though it did not work for the first 5 minutes :slight_smile: + :frowning:

I don’t have the A4 but this can’t be the case. The A4 doesn’t know anything about how many LFOs you have on the OT. As far as the receiving synth is concerned, they are just CC messages that it should obey if everything is set up correctly.

that is correct… thanks for the answer … the odd thing is: if I set up a new midi machine on the OT which is exactly like the previous one, that definitely worked, nothing is happening…


when I copy the existing working midi machine and paste that into a new track, then it works fine … doh

Does the same problem occur in a different, new project?

You should report this discrepant behaviour as a bug.

Does the same problem occur in a different, new project?

You should report this discrepant behaviour as a bug.[/quote]
I will try later with a fresh project … good idea to load a new project… you mean a project on the OT right?


Can you check with for example midiox what is coming out from the OT MIDI out?

so I figured out it was all my wrong! …

you have to place a trig in the midi tracks to activate them! … and after midi learn you also have to enable CC1 and CC2 in the CTRL 1 page on the OT …
my first time with external midi sequencing (since 1 yr break or so) … thanks Peter still for your support!