Lfo to sample start

I d like my recorded volca fm sample to have different start points well after half the sample length.

If i lfo to sample star it seems to start the sample from the beginning often but i cant force sample start further into the sample.

On mobile

turn off lfo.t (LFO retrig) on the trig page.
experiment with lfo mode on lfo page.
each time you do want the lfo ‘reset’ the plock lfo trig on that step.

a little tricky to explain but its an area i’d recommend you dig into as it can open up a lot of more experimental sounds.

you might find it easier to plock the start value yourself instead of using lfo.


9k.mwill try tomorrow. Thanks

Didn’t work

Yeah was trying that too. Got it to work sometimes but not consistently so would like to know how as well. And on something rhythmic (lile an arp) if in 120 i know that i can split it in 15’s and be in time so was trying to add that as depth and/or rate to get random but timely jumps

Start out with small increments. Try setting depth to something not too rigorous, like 10,and set speed to 1, and change the multiplier to see what happens.
Also try setting sample start to the middle of the sample. Especially when using a triangle or sine waveform for the lfo. When you want the sample to start from the beginning at certain times, use a plock.

And as re5et already said. Turn off lfo.t at the trg page, and use a plock to set the lfo.t when you want it to reset at a certain point. You could even use a trigless lock for this purpose, and set a condition to it etc.


hi guys again, finally not on mobile anymore…

so here is what I want to do:

I have a sample that is 2.5 seconds long …

and I want to “slice” it

and I want the lfo to start the “sliced” sample always after the length of 1 second… just because I dont like the fart noise at the beginning of the sample!

thats what I am trying to do : ) …

anybody else too?

thanks for answers so far!!!

cheers peeps!

I gave you the answer in my post :). You have to experiment a little though…

Set the start of the sample after 1 sec on the src page. Now set the lfo to saw or exponential. It should always start from the start sample point you set at src page. If you want to use triangle set the state point on the src page further to the right and play with the lfo depth until it doesn’t reach the beginning of the sample anymore. So don’t set depth to max but start with a low depth of 2 for instance and increase slowly.