Lifeforms SV-1 and Digitakt... thoughts?

I will soon be getting my Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms SV-1 Black Box to pair with my Digitakt, any thoughts on how you would use them together? Also, what would dive into next in terms of modular gear, if I were to expand my setup?


The first thing I invested in after buying the sv-1 was a quad VCA, for extra precise control over modulation, and to be able to vary the degree of modulation by voltage control. Next thing was an enveloppe.

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The SV1 has a midi input, so the DT will be your perfect sequencer companion.
And you can sample the SV1 off course.
If you want to keep it simple and without the need of a case, the 0-coast would be a great addition

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The SV-1 and 0-Coast make a great pairing, with an Erebus thrown in for good measure.

The programmable MIDI cc to CV output on the SV-1 is great for adding in an external control to pretty much anything that can be patched with it on the module (or anything else with CV control, for that matter). I’d imagine p-locking this with the DT MIDI sequencer could lead to all manner of fun. Run it through one of the SV- 1 mults - or both chained - and things start to get interesting.

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Seriously tempted too, sounds fantastic, better spec and price than the Moog Mother 32 and anything else in the same price bracket

I fell in love with it at 6:15


Thank you all for your suggestions. The O-Coast is a definite possibility as then I won’t tread into the dangerous world of buying a modular box (and then filling it). Anybody know of any videos where somebody is using the 0-Coast and the SV-1 together?

Does anyone have this combo and did manage to send midi cc values from Digitakt to SV1? I can’t set it up following the manual.

This cheatsheet helped me out. You should be able to enter edit mode and send cc messages.

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That’s really useful. Thanks for posting it.

It saved my ass when I first got the SV-1. I accidentally changed the midi channel on it, and had no clue why midi wasn’t working. Finally discovered through the cheatsheet the mono led blinks the channel. Not of a fan of the midi channels on the SV-1.

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