Limiter OT MD A4 KP3 Hannibal + TheWanShow

Hello Easterbunnies (it is easter 2014 right now :wink:

I started a thread here Glue Compressor

to find out about compression and the Glue Compressor in Ableton … lots of useful info there !

But I have another question … I need a limiter!

When I watch my shows at times the sound get increadibely loud (sound design in Hannibal is just off … and Linus keeps shouting whilst his sidekick mumbles on occasions)

How would I use my MD OT Korg KaossPad3 or Analog4 with their inputs as a limiter ?

I tried using the kp3 built in compressor with hold on at say x=1 and y=1 coordinate (I falsely assumed it had a built in limiter, like the kp mini series)

thanks for all suggestions! I assume the input of the OT would work best, right ?

I also own a focusrite 2i4, a NAD C 316 BEE, and the above mentioned gear (MM not running at the moment)

Thanks for all suggestions …happy egg hunting!


Not sure what you’re talking about, trying my best to figure out what Hannibal all your gear and a limiter have to do with each other


great info there, have you tried downloading the free plugins that come with your interface? You can download a focusrite vst pack including a compressor, gate, reverb and EQ

these ones:

hopefully this clears up some of your confusion :slight_smile:

Explain your routing fuzzy bunny! :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t see the connection between Hannibal and what you are trying to achieve…

It may help people help you.



hi nirun and scannari … software is not an option I assume, I have ableton 9, but not a mixer, so i cannot steal the audio from youtube, run it through ableton and then listen to the compression/limiter audio … unless you know how… then I am all ears …

started new thread, less confusing I hope …

thanks for pointing out to me that I was too unprecise! :slight_smile: