Line 6 HX Stomp

So, I have seen the Line 6 HX Stomp mentioned in passing a few times on the forum…
Who’s got one? recommended?

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I have it and love it. Use it for guitar mostly. Number of parallel effects, and fx quality, are awesome for me. Size and weight are perfect. The fact that you don’t need an app, but can do everything on the device, is the best part and why I went for it.

Specific questions?

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Mostly looking for feedback as I have been considering one for a while. I had an HD Pod awhile back and it had a bit of harshness to the character of the amp sims that I couldn’t program around, so wondering about the tone.
Also, of course, wondering about Elektron integration as Octatrack figures heavily into my setup.

I couldn’t compare it to the HD Pod, since I never had one. Actually my last guitar/bass effects device was bought in 1995, so yes, the Stomp is way better.
But sadly, I couldn’t offer comparisons to anything contemporary!

Way different than the old pod algos. The cabs have a lot more tweakability I high cut down to around 6khz in the cab stage of my patches and low cut at around 90hz.

Pedals are great in front of it, I use mine as my main preamp with a cab dialed in on one output to the foh and the other output sans cab into the fx loop return of my amp on stage as a monitor of sorts. Still have the fx loop of the stomp available too. Fly out shows I know bringing my pedalboard means I’ll have my sound pretty well set. You can map any effect knob to any cc you want as well so octatrack integration is a strong possibility

Cool, sounds like an improvement over the last gen.

Any favorite FX in the HX stomp, or conversely, FX that the HX isn’t as capable at and are best integrated with the FX loop?

I have a count to 5 and a malekko Charlie Foxtrot along with some fuzzes stuff but all the general effects are great. They added ports of a lot of m9 series effects as well. But yeah I mostly just have other pedals for the weird. Bread and butter sounds are all hx

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have you seen the line6 HX effects unit? looks pretty sweet!

I bought mine to use as an FX unit for synths. I will say that I think its reverb is its weakest aspect (they’re not bad, just not great either). I run a Source Audio Ventris in the loop with it. Otherwise, it’s a heck of a lot of value when using just as an effects unit! I chose this over the HX Effects because of the form factor and the fact that you get all the amp/cab stuff with it as well.

Not the best multi effects for synths. Had one, sent it back.

I just spent an hour in a testing room with it and a digitakt, playing with all the distortion, compression, and stacking them with slight reverbs and delays. It didn’t sound as great as I had hoped - but the unit is well built and the interface was easy and intuitive.

I ended up getting the EHX Platform and a used Timefactor instead.

Now that this has been updated a few times, can anyone comment on how it stacks up against other multi fx, especially with synths? Any demos out there that don’t involve guitars?

I use mine with synths and drums quite regular now.
I’d say it’s strongest for delays, not so much for reverbs. I have a Big Sky next to it for reverbs and it doesn’t really come close to it. The HX Stomp reverbs seem very guitar focussed, they sound good through amps.

Obvs you can use all of the dirt and modulation fx on synths too, and they sound cool for sound design/sound mangling.

It’s also worth exploring the midi possibilities of the HX too, it’s powerful.

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Wasn’t sure which Line 6 thread to bump with this news. This seemed most general-purpose.

Helix 3.15 firmware has been released

New amp models as expected. And load of new effects.

And native support for Apple M1, for Helix Native users


I plan on getting an HX Stomp soon to complement my analog drives and fuzz. Looks like a great effects box for processing samples as well.

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Demo of the new amp and I think most of the new FX. Guitar-oriented but I think we can imagine how some of the FX like Tesselator might sound with a synth or sample player

Craig Anderton’s book is worth mentioning. He promised tips on how to optimize for HX Stomp. He’s a guitarist too but I’m sure the info would be useful for any Helix device user