Listen directly to page 4?


My question concerns AR, but also Octatrack or A4 :

When I program a pattern, I often need to listen page by page in order to build the progression. Is there a way I can press play and listen, for example, directly to page 4 ? It would be nice not to hear to the begining of the pattern hundreds of times, especially when working with long pattern (ie pattern speed at 1/2 or 1/4…).

I suppose there is an easy way to do that, but I could’nt find it. Can anyone help me ?

Unfortunately, no. You gotta copy the page to the new pattern.
A workflow trick is to use 1 page per pattern and chain your patterns, so if you want to “loop” a page - just turn off the Chain mode

nice tip :slight_smile:

still, would b nice if u could double tap the scale button to lock onto the selected page

Not much help for those OTB, but if you’re using a DAW -OB or otherwise - the elektron machines respond to song position cues. So when I need to work on a given page, I just put the playback cursor on the corresponding bar and then have instant playback of the page by hitting the space bar.

is there a quick way to copy the contents of 1 page to another? tell me to RTFM if its there :slight_smile: i had a look last night, but couldnt find it immediately. Im printing the hardcopy this weekend!

What about using Song mode ?
This is something I was looking for a while now, I haven’t tested it yet but that would be great if it did work :slight_smile:


At least on the Analog Four you can shift the pattern left/right so you get your last page first and then shorten the Patten length. For example in a 64 step pattern you shift right 16 times and set the length to 16. When you’re happy you shift back and restore the length.

Another way is to copy the last pattern page to a new pattern and loop there while editing and then copy it back to the original.

Thanks for all these good ideas !

=> I’ll shift the pattern, it seems the best way for me.

Still, I whish we could say ‘Oh Dear Elektron Machine, please, read this pattern for me, beggining at Trig 17, or Trig 43, or Trig 62’

For example, using a FUNCTION + TRIG + PLAY command…


You can do this with a track, anyway. (In grid mode, hold FUN and hit left/right arrows.)

I do something similar.
First, save with YES+Pattern.
Then ,Copy/paste the last page to the first, in the same pattern.
When it is time to go back to the original, NO+Pattern (reload).