Live Act Track Progression and Transitions

Hi all! I have a question…
What would be a seamless way to work or go between tracks or songs (go forward) during whole live act in the Octatrack mkI?
I’m starting and planning go live with a couple of EP´s that already produced but without a laptop. So Im figuring out how to get everything in the octa and also get my synths and everything sequenced live.


Bank per song; use an external looper or the “Transition Trick” for segues


Personally, I would try to use OT only for transition, and I’d use Arranger. Transition trick eventually, or things like pads, things without rhythm.

I used loopers before, and with OT, I’d rather use them before (in the audio chain) OT’s recording, for overdub, simplicity…but not for a transition, it would stress me I think. :upside_down_face:


Easy enough to make transition-state patterns for transitioning between songs. If you have DJing experience, you’ll know there’s lots of ways to transition from one song to another. Let your imagination run wild, try out different methods.

Using a “OT transition trick” looping, killing bass on the outgoing track and dropping the bass on the incoming track is just one very basic way of doing things… Which can be aight too at times I guess, but ultimately you will want to get a bit more creative with things. Experimentation is key.


kp3 - works perfect for this, just set the tempo to match (no need for midi sync).

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Experimentation is key! Fitting words. Nice one @tsutek :+1:

A big difference for me is the latest OS. The trig conditions are an excellent way of progressing patterns. Set some nice build ups to play on the final 4th (4:4) of the pattern.

My goal by next year is where you are at!