Live loop type setup with DT

Hi there! Great to be back here with all you fine folks!
I’m trying to get together a live loop type setup and wanted to ask here what works for you.
My current gear is:
Electric Guitar with mooer preamp and a few effects (mostly clean gain with reverb and delay)
Ableton push 2 with several vsts
Moog mother 32 and grandmother
Mpc live

So here’s the thing. I’m looking to make a sequenced “minimalistic” setup with live looping preset start/stop points and (hopefully) sample mangling (not extreme or too glitchy, mostly I want to live chop and add effects/filter and resequence) using a few synths and guitar.
I tried sequencing the loops start/stop in ableton with the DT through overbridge but the DT froze a lot and had to power cycle. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. That and lack of a true song mode (not a fan of the chaining on the DT) make me think I might not be able to use the DT as main sequencer. I want the patterns to change without using my hands… Has anyone used the DT with a pedal switch (like the Nektar pacer?) to change patterns? Maybe that could free my hands for a “song mode”?

The mpc could be main sequencer leaving the DT on drum and pre-made sample duty, but I can’t live sample/loop/mangle on the mpc, and to be honest I much prefer the push and am thinking of selling it the mpc. Is the mpc + DT pairing more stable at least?

That being said, if I let go of the mpc, what would you recommend for the kind of setup I’m looking for?
The OT comes to mind. I think the crossfader between scenes is worth the price of admission alone. Would it be overkill to buy an OT as basically an all in one looper and and effects box? I admit to being more than just a little afraid of its complexity. Compared with learning a DAW or the DT, is it really that hard to learn?

The other option would be to have ableton with push as the the looper/sampler, yet once again I fear for the stability of it in a live situation, and would much prefer hardware. Does anyone here use ableton as master for the DT in a live situation? Any problems?
Maybe a ditto x4 controlled through midi with the DT? (I read the ditto tends to go in and out of sync and not very good with midi, anyone have experience with that?)
Sorry for the rant, I realize it’s alot and this is probably just me trying to justify getting an OT or maybe even an A4 for the song mode alone lol, damn GAS
Thanks for reading this far! Have a wonderful day and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. You guys are awesome!