[live may 30th 8pm cet] Ask me anything (about the Digitakt)

I’m not sure If I’ll be online that’s why I ask this way.
Good Luck with video Carl! :slight_smile:

Sure thing - I understand. Hope that you’ll understand my priorities as well. :wink:

Going live in about an hour. See you soon!

Sorry. That did not work out at all.

​Post your questions in the thread initiated at https://www.facebook.com/CabCurioGo/ and I’ll make a recording based on your thoughts. Hi-fives and Hugs. //Carl-Mikael


It’s late but I did a quick and dirty recording based on the questions you posted. Thanks for contributing everyone. Sorry that the internet decided to withhold all its bandwidth from me.

The video will appear here once it’s uploaded and encoded. I need to go to bed. https://youtu.be/PgtuMgDIv5I


I already asked, but how many different start point can you have on DT ? (Max)
Start (0.00 - 120.00)
120 x 100 with the 2 decimals ?
I guess Depends on sample length.

My guess: The number of start points is fixed to 12000 independent on how long the sample is. So this means longer samples gives you less precision.

Take any sample and split it up to 12000 chunks. How large is each chunk? If I’m not doing my math wrong you get chunk size of 5ms if the total playback time of the wav sample is 1 minute. Chunk size of a 2 seconds long wav file is 0.16ms.

Ok thanks for your guess, but if it is shorter than 12000 samples ?
DT owners ?

The sample start is visualized as 0.00-120.00 - with two decimals. So twelve hundred grains/slices/portions.

What happens behind the UI - I don’t know. But in theory you could have a sample chain with possibly more different sounds than you can on the Octatrack or Rytm.

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@CarlMikaelBjork I don’t know if you still have a RYTM but, is it possible to transfer a sample from the DT to the AR via Midi like from the MDUW?

I do have the Rytm, but this I don’t know.

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I’ve heard it was possible to do between the MDUW and the AR, I don’t see why it would be removed from the DT. Seems like a redundant ability, but could see it being handy to figuratively extend the live recording capabilities over to the AR.

If you experiment with it, let me know. I’m cabinet of curious about it ;D

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