[live may 30th 8pm cet] Ask me anything (about the Digitakt)

Let me venture into something new… :slight_smile:

I’ve had the Digitakt for a little while. I have some experience with almost all other Elektron instruments. I like connecting stuff; Eurorack, other midi instruments.

I do not have secret insights to Elektron HQ and their roadmap. I don’t have a secret manual with all the hush-hush features and workflows.

I am pretty good at explaining things and I like talking to people. So if you are curious on the Elektron Digitakt, join me for a streamed hour (?) of chit-chatting on this newcomer in the family of sequencer-synth-samplers from the Swedish west coast!

:arrow_right: cabcurio.link/askmeanything

(I know this is an awkward time for all friends in the US. But if this works out well, I might very well schedule another one that click better with US time zones. Even if it means I’ll be up before dawn! :wink: :heart:)


Hi Carl!
What about saving values in pages, are they saved with patterns all in one?
How works Func+No? Is it just simply back to saved pattern?
Does Tune parameter affect tempo playback?

Thanks for Your videos, they are very interesting, keep going!

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I’ll bring these issues with me prepping for the stream. Thanks!

To make point of the live stream - I’ll prioritize being in dialogue with people attending the live event.

See you tonite?

Would be very interested in some quick a/b stuff with OT if that feels valid for this? Might be slightly tedious process for you to setup/people viewing in a ‘live chat’ situation tho. But yeah, comparing the sound of each box when sample/playback the same source, the sound of the filter, the distortion, pitching a sample etc. Maybe something for its own dedicated little video instead tho…

Edit - I ask as if there’s significant audible improvement on the DT I might save for one. And from vids it sounds like possibly there is. But if not I’ll just wait it out til the next big box… Maybe some other people in the same situation too.

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But I think, that A/B sound quality wont come over clearly in the live stream. Even if I have decent wifi at home. Good idea for future recorded video, though!

I’ll see what I can do when I prep and setup the stream during today!

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Cool :slight_smile: I’ll tune in either way :slight_smile:

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I’d like to say first, that you’re the man, a prime example of excellent community contribution. Salt of the earth, and all that.

Now, how do you deal with same sound over multiple patterns? I got a greatly tuned kick drum in patternA01. Copy paste it all to patternA02. Whoa, I just tuned the kick drum in patternA02 to be even better. I want this sound in patternA01 now.

Do I have to recreate my tweaks, or can I copy that sound only, from A02 to A01, somehow? I’ve read the manual but remain confused. And scared.


A lot of people seem to be considering this exact scenario. And to be honest - with my workflow, I haven’t run into that issue yet. But I’ll explore the situation today and hopefully have an idea for tonite!

All good. I don’t think it’s a major issue, I’m used to the workflow from the old-gen Electribes and the Volca Sample.

It’s just that this feature isn’t a vanilla or chocolate kind of thing. It doesn’t exclude anyone who doesn’t need it, just includes those who do.

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Yeah that’s rigtht! Digitakt seems to be younger pro brother of Volca Sample. I still have it, use it and like it but DT will do that job perfectly I suppose :slight_smile:

I guess you can use the sound manager to copy the sound to your the library and then copy it to the other pattern. Don’t have a Digitakt for now, but it seems pretty straight forward in the manual (page 25):

“EXPORT TO HERE exports the active track Sound and saves it to the selected slot.”

Just select the slot you want it in (i.e. the slot of the sound you want to replace).

That’d do it. Don’t mind the hassle, as long as it can be done. Thanks.

you can copy & paste individual sounds by holding the TRK button & pressing Rec/play


I think the Volca Sample is the very essence of straight on, knob per feature sweetness. The DigiTakt’s close, but not as close.

Get your loops going on the Volca Sample, record them into the DigiTakt and then goddamit you’re set for life.

heh :slight_smile: maybe… let see how it goes in use :slight_smile:

Could you please show how the sample transfer from a computer works?

I’ll put it on my list!

And I’m curious about using trig conditions with different options also scale length per track mode :slight_smile:

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Just to clarify everyone - although I do certainly listen to what you say here. And I’m prepping and exploring as we speak…

I will prioritize issues being posted tonite at the actual event. I want the real time dialogue. I need to experience and learn from how that works.

That said - it’s good that your giving me hints to what topics are actually of concern.