Live performance/studio rig with Analog Four MK2 and Balanced/Unbalanced cables

Hi, can you help me out with my audio routing please. I am trying to eliminate as much noise as possible and I was advised to check grounding as well as cables I am using im my studio/live setup. Currently, I have a mix of balanced and unbalanced cables. Let me explain my routing below:

Modular voice1 OUT >-(mono-unbalanced-cable)-> Analog Four Ext1 IN
Modular voice2 OUT >-(mono-unbalanced-cable)-> Analog Four Ext2 IN

Analog Four MAIN OUT Balanced L >-(trs-balanced-cable)-> Audio Interface IN 1
Analog Four MAIN OUT Balanced R >-(trs-balanced-cable)-> Audio Interface IN 2
Analog Four Track 3 OUT >-(trs-balanced-cable)-> Audio Interface IN 3
Analog Four Track 4 OUT L >-(trs-balanced-cable)-> Audio Interface IN 4

Audio Interface OUT L Balanced >-(trs-balanced-cable)-> Yamaha HS10W Sub IN L
Audio Interface OUT R Balanced >-(trs-balanced-cable)-> Yamaha HS10W Sub IN R

Yamaha HS10W Sub OUT L Balanced >-(trs-balanced-cable)-> Yamaha Monitor IN L
Yamaha HS10W Sub OUT R Balanced >-(trs-balanced-cable)-> Yamaha Monitor IN R

So, the questions are:

  1. Since the modular is carrying MONO signal, can I keep unbalanced (mono) cables and connect them into A4 External IN, or is it better and does it matter if I replace them with balanced trs cable?
  2. I know Main outs on A4 are balanced outputs, however, individual outputs on Analog 4 are unbalanced, right? so should I use mono (unbalanced) cables going out from Analog Four track 3/4 Outs into audio interface, or can I use balanced ones? Will it make any difference?

A4 mk II has only impedance balanced audio i/o throughout the whole box, right?

You can therefore use TRS cables for everything. Due to impedance balancing, you will not get an increase in level, but at least improved CMRR.

EDIT: ack, my bad… just checked and the indiouts are actually stereo unbalanced. So obvs you need to use unbalanced cables for the indiouts.

so lemme see, assuming I got everything else correct

  1. unless your modular outputs balanced line level, use unbalanced cables. Also make sure you arent running too hot into the A4, modular synths can output too hot signal unless special output modules are used
  2. For the indiouts, you need to use splitter cables (1/4" TRS into 2 x 1/4" TS) and only connect one of the TS ends, unless you want the indiout voice as a stereo signal, in which case you’d connect both TS ends to two separate inputs

Well, if TRS works then use it!
I have a Roland RE-20 space echo pedal, if i plug trs into it it wont work. It needs mono cables.
At first I thought it was broken, but then no, it’s this.

Unless the jacks on both ends of the cable are able to accept balanced signals, then you won’t gain anything by using a TRS / balanced cable. And, as discussed in several threads, at these signal levels (i.e. Line), balanced connections aren’t really necessary unless you’re running a cable that’s, say, 100+ feet (~35 meters).