Live recording - w/out quantized steps

I have the personalise Pref. = Quantize Live Recording - unchecked - but as soon as I play very short staccato hits in on live recording more - when I play it back it quantizes them?? - altering the envelope and timing to 16 notes.
IS this a bug? It seems too obvious to be an oversight on Elektron’s part- so I can only conclude i have a setting wrong?

thanks for your advice,

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The Octatrack is a step sequencer: it has 16 steps per sequencer page.

With Quantize Live Recording unchecked, the sequencer will record events on those steps at its micro timing resolution, but there are still only 16 steps per sequencer page. If you play chords, all notes in the chord will start at exactly the same time.

You can adjust the timing of the events on a particular step in the Micro Timing menu, in GRID RECORDING mode. You can also increase the time resolution (but shorten the length of the pattern) by using a Tempo Multiplier for example, 2x).


Thank you for your answer.
I still don’t understand why it’s radically changing my samples’ note length from staccato to legato if quantization is turned off? Surely the point of live recording is that it plays yr samples back the same way you played them in?
I have selected HOLD mode too.

Is there a way to turn quantization off, in terms of note length ?

Quantization is applied to the note start only.
The amp page has hold and release parameters.
Use these to adjust the note length.
Unfortunately the octatrack doesn’t live record note length on the audio tracks.
So you can…
A: set the parameters to a ‘default’ value (all notes in the sequence will play according to these settings unless p-locked or changed by scene settings)
B: p-lock the values on individual trigs ( all notes/trigs play according to default values except p-locked trigs)
C: use a scene and the crossfader to morph between the ‘default’ settings and the new setting (this must be performed live and cannot be recorded as info to the sequence)
D:twist the knobs in live record mode to ‘automate’ the changes to the parameters. ( this will leave a bunch of green trigless trigs in your track)
E: Use LFO to adjust parameters in a specific time-sync’d way or randomly.


Apparently a D followed by a : makes one of these D:

Yep, not recording note length was one of the main things that pissed me off when I got my OT. Not something I thought to research before buying. PITA when recording lots of intricate melody stuff etc…

Got it - Thanks - found a workround with the P-Locks, just takes a bit of getting your head round after using traditional sequencers.

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Yeah plocks prob quickest workaround. Vaguely remember someone on here mentioning uou can also do a midi loopback and sequence the audio track from a midi track, which I think records note length. Kind of a hassle to setup but maybe worth a look if you’re going to be doing something that you can forsee will involve tons of different note lengths.

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Workaround with a midi processor :
Map Hold = 0 Control Change to midi note off.
It records a trigless trig with Hold = 0 and stops the sound according to Release setting.


Mad cool. Do you use the RK002 for this? I’m about to pull the trigger on one.

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I tested it with Event Processor Plus. Doable with Rk002.


Wow as a new octa user, I also did not research this at forehand. Weird that you can’t live record note length, all other elektron sequencers (a4/rytm, etc) do this.

Also there is nog ‘quick key combination’ for quantized / unquantized live recording like on tha A4/Rytm, or is there?

I don’t think so … but from what I remember you can “quantize” on a per track basis, after recording, pushing every trig towards the beat (could be wrong here)

Interesting. As a rytm and a4 mk2 user, just having added the octa makes me realise its a bit outdated indeed compared to the other boxes… well, better learn to live with it and train myself in the other things that make OT unique