Live show, Bristol (UK), Sat 13th July

I’m getting back into playing live with my Aleph/Octatrack/guitar rig, (under my own name now rather than Valid Lover), will be performing at Rough Trade in Bristol alongside Tayne(noise/rock from London) and a modular set from Those Who Came Before Us An Who Are Yet To Follow… (from elevator sound shop).
Are there many South West UK folks on this board? Please do come down and share…
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Hi. I’ve recently moved near Bath, so if I’m around that weekend (tend to travel a bit to and fro to London) then I’d love to come and see your set. I’m also starting live performances again after a long absence with my OT / guitar if you want to jam at some point ? T

ace yes, come down, the Be Softly crew probably be good people to meet

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Hope it goes well, hopefully see you there

I’ll be at 2000trees over that date but if you play Bristol again I’ll be there

I would definitely be in for this, but we have plans for Sat :frowning: