Live techno at AEMCON 2018

Hi everybody ! So amazingly lucky to have been invited back again this year to play at the Alberta Electronic Music Conference. I played a 1 hr set a The King Eddy - a historic live music venue that is attached to the National Music Center.

What a fantastic night for me ! I unleashed some intense feelings in the second half of this set. What a blessing to have also connected with so many producers, DJ’s, label owners and industry professionals.

If you’re ever in Calgary in November you should check it out. 5 days/nights, well over 100 artists and performers, tons of lectures, panels and discussions. Oh lots of hardware sponsors - I got to play a Moog One and all the new roland stuff ! 40 separate night time events - I don’t remember the last time I hit 4 clubs in a single night!

This was perfomed on Octatrack, RYTM, and Analog Four all mk1’s. I feel the trinity is my perfect and ideal set up. I’ve tried adding different gear into the mix or simplifying the setup with even less, but this one seems to really work for me. I played a combination of new tracks I just wrote as well as some live versions of releases from this year.

Thanks for checking it out ! :black_heart: