Liveset with sample heavy studio songs - getting it more live (OT/DT)

Try to get some help and suggestions here!
I have some synth driven songs, but my music often includes a lot of acoustic samples (often loops), so I can’t play synth tweaking sets.
That’s the reason why I used to do my livesets in an ableton scene triggering style. But that can be kind of boring as I was basically following the arrangement of the original song with some freedom to rearrange (I had broken it down to different sections, drums separate etc.). That’s what often is critized on prepared sets. Most fun part always was resampling for the transition trick and effecting and manipulating the resampled material. Improvising live would be a nice idea (building patterns on the fly), but difficult with samples. And I kind of want to show my studio material live, cause that’s where I’ve put most work in.
Lately I recognized on the DT that often that all elements of a song on the 8 audio tracks, I can improvise, rearrange and remix my song by simple muting/unmuting. My songs have more than 8 tracks. Either I sum some tracks together or I use OT and DT (maybe DT for drums).
Before starting to bounce all that stuff I wanted to ask you if you think they would play well together. Never used the DT live. I would play drum loops on the DT. (short loops, kick, snare, hi hats etc on different tracks).
I’m asking myself if I could get space problems on the DT? My bpm vary often between songs. I can set them on the arranger of the ot and on individual patterns of the DT. Should be no problem right?
I would have melodic stuff on the OT, and one tracks for resampling (transition) and one for master track.
I kind of like to have more master effetcs then two. Thinking about an Ipad with elastic fx or something like that as master fx. Or maybe I could manage something like this with different parts on the OT :thinking:
Also, it would be nice to build some drum patterns on the fly. I could sequence the Nord drum with one of those two, the Nord is full of great sounding kits. But muting/unmuting resampling, effecting and bulding patterns on the fly might be quite challenging :smiley: Jumping between muting/unmuting and the midi sequencer could be too confusing. I could use an Ipad with patterning or some other intuitive sequencing app on top…

Basically, you see, I’m quite confused and unsure how I will manage it this time. I have two little gigs in April :wink: Fortunately I have some old livesets on the OT.
So, maybe some of you are also interested in this topic or are in a similar situation and want to have a little discussion with me, or would offer me some help.
How do you think is a good way to perform electronic, sample heavy music live?

Since it’s one of my biggest role models I was watching some four tet livesets. There is this video here.
I think I should try to achieve something similar. He’s still using laptops, but I think he adds quite a lot live vibes to his studio tracks.