Lo-fi ambient with guitar, piano and harmonium

Thought I’d share this album of mine, which I finished about a year ago. It was supposed to be a small tape release for a Finnish label but those plans have since been buried. Still got plans for it to surface on tape at some point as a DIY release.

The whole album was recorded straight into my iPad and processed in Garageband. Mostly guitars, piano, harmonium and some vocals through (if possible, too much) reverb, but also some Garageband VSTs thrown into the mix.

This was done before I had any hardware synths and was kinda struggling creatively. I wanted to have the lowest possible threshold to make music, as I was finding it hard to find time for setting up mics for the piano, the guitar or whatever. After this album I’ve been more productive than ever musically, so it sure did the job. An important wee piece of music personally if not anything else.

Anyway, here it is.


Lovely atmosphere! Really eerie and enchanting, some great vocal fx and lush textures.

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Thanks a lot guys, really nice that you have found time to listen to this! Feels nice that the album is now ”out there”.