Loading and locating samples in Machinedrum using TM-1 and C6

I’ve been having trouble uploading samples using TM1 and C6 to my Machinedrum SPS-1UW + MKII. Can someone give me a step by step detailed reply on how to properly load the samples using TM-1 and C6 and locate the samples after the loading is complete in Machinedrum?

Your lucky night. I was just about to dump some samples, so I’ll write it up for you.

  1. Open C6.
  2. Choose “Configure” from the buttons on the top. Choose your midi in+out device in the Midi Preferences pop-up. Midi in is not 100% necessary. Sample Settings should be TICK for “Use SDS Handshake” and TICK for “Send SPS-1UW Name”. DO NOT CHECK “Use Extended SDS”. Try a delay of 40ms.
  3. Drag your samples into the main C6 window.
  4. On the MD open the “Global” menu. Choose Slot 1 unless you know better.
  5. Go to the “File” menu. Choose “SampleBanks”. Select a blank slot and give it a name.
  6. Hit “Exit” twice to go back to the Global menu. Choose “Sample MGR”.
  7. Hit “Enter” on “RECV”, then choose your sample slot starting point (defaults to 01 for a blank Sample Bank). If you’re uploading a sample pack, press the up arrow and choose “ORG” - this puts the samples in the original order.
  8. Press “Enter” and you’ll see “WAITING” flash on the screen.
  9. Back in C6, select all the samples so they’re highlighted. Press “Send”.
  10. You’ll see the samples being received on the MD screen.
  11. To use the samples, just make sure the correct SampleBank is loaded in your current project.

Just note that samples for the MD are supposed converted by the MD as it receives them to mono, 12bit, 44k, but I’ve had trouble with it just hanging on receiving larger 24bit samples. You also only have 2.5Mb to play with, so don’t send anything larger than that.


This isn’t working. For some reason every time I try to load the samples by hitting SEND it stops at the second sample every time. I see three lights on my TM-1 and then every time it hits the second file it just stops sending samples. I don’t understand what’s happening or what I’m doing wrong.

Maybe there’s something wrong with that sample? Have you tried a sound pack from the Elektron site to check it’s not just the samples you’re sending?

Also try it without the TM-1 if you can - do you have an audio interface with midi/etc that you can use to send sysex to the MD?