Loading sound packs using sysex receive


is there a tutorial anywhere that describes how to load the various sound packs (Lem, etc) into the mono machine?

I have read the global settings pages 97-99 dealing with this but my attempts to use C6 to do this have failed. I have tried to use the “SPEC” approach.

I was able to use C6 to update the OS, but i can’t seem to figure this out, is it possible i need to delete things on the monomachine to make room?

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i found this thread.
i am using a Mac, so i will try that ticks thing

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i found this too!

"if you want to load all three booster packs, they can’t be loaded all at once in succession because the sysex for each has 16 full patterns at A01-16 and blank space for the rest of memory. Loading pack 2 to, say, B01 forward will give you an error message.

You can get around this by loading a pack, saving the first 16 patterns to your desktop as a new sysex file, then doing the same to the other two. Then you can load up the three new files you’ve created. A bit of a hassle but it works.

The waves in the MnM’s memory can be overwritten but not erased. If you put your own wave into a slot you can delete it, but the slot won’t be empty – the original factory wave will reappear."

from dubathonic.

i guess i just need to enter the right search terms.

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me use the snapshot function to save one pack at one snapshot. only avaible with +drive.

Thanks for the tip!
Was having an headacache trying to understand why for different sysex loaded always the same and then got a lot of error messages.
Saved my day! :slight_smile:

Yes, this was super annoying. I would glady fix and upload it if Elektron would accommodate. Granted, it’s free, but this machine already has so many quirks and idiosyncrasies, it would be a boon to those starting out and downloading the soundpacks.