Lock delay time to musical time?

Is there any trickery out there to lock the A4’s delay time to musical subdivisions eg 3/8, 1/4, 1/8, etc?

Perhaps some workaround with a performance page control?


Hold ‘function’ while turning the delay time knob.

Man… that is my biggest pet peeve with all Elektron machines… there are so many functions that you can’t use one-handed! I can’t very well hold function while turning a knob while I’m doing something else with my other hand.

I just wish the function key were in the middle of the machine for cases like this.

Any ideas how to do it one-handed? haha

A ‘function lock’ type feature that would allow the function key to act as a toggle would be nice.

Man I thought you guys were talking about decay and spent longer than I should have screwing with the envelopes looking for a beat-synced ADSR

I’ve allways regretted loosing my tail by evolution. It would have been so practical right now… :sob:


That’s not entirely accurate. It will appear as though this is the case, but only if the delay value that you start from (before adjusting it with a held function button) is a “musical” delay. What holding the function button does is it simply doubles the value every step (if your delay starts off at a time value of 16, on the subsequent steps it will then jump to 32, 64 & 128). So yes, of course, if you take a delay that works rhythmically, doubling the delay time will still be in “sync” but generally speaking that feature as such, has not yet been implemented.