LOCK FLEX functionality

Just wondering if I am missing something here. When I hold down a trig and choose another sample for the trig I want to affect the length of the flex sample with the LEN parameter but it does’nt seem to do anything.

I think it controls how many slices the sample will play…

Combine STRT and LEN to get to where you want in the sample, when the sample is sliced STRT selects from which slice to start from. How the LEN parameter works in slice mode, I´m not 100% sure of. But I think we´re on the right track in thinking it as of how many slices onwards that will play (if all else settings allows it).

Could you use HOLD (number of seq steps) and REL instead?

You need to set LEN to Time in the Playback Setup menu in order for that parameter to affect your sound.

Beautiful rainbow colours btw!