Lock Model Cycles to a scale?

Is there any way to lock Model Cycle’s machines or entire pattern to a scale? I noticed you can transpose to a chord with the chord machine, but I’d like to lock it to a particular scale with any machine.

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Not currently, unfortunately.

Maybe send Elektron a feature request to:



And here I was expecting a response like:

What’s a scale?

Disappointing :joy:

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I know what it is, I just don’t know what they are.

Who are you, anyway, “Craig”?


Gotta second a feature request for scales on Cycles and Samples. Most of them would give two octaves across the mini pads too.

I’ve still no idea why the first pad is an E tho :thinking:

Also, this is garishly ugly, but does help with finding notes if you have some scales you want to learn on it as a stop gap measure:

(And welcome to the forum!)

Now that Syn/Digitone/takt have this Scale mode and keyboard folding mode, might Cycles and Samples get it?

Sixteen chicklets all in a row don’t really lend themselves to playing melodically, it would be nice to just select a scale and noooodle.


There’s even a suggestion of a UI affordance here:


I love that UI idea.


Having sxales is counterintuitive to how the Chords are done.

Because you can switch to minor, sus2, 9th and such, you get to different scales by tuening the knob.

It is even difficult to determine the root note if you start twitching the effects…