Lock patterns

Hi guys,

is there a way to lock patterns so that it is impossible to waste them accidentally when playing? The question reguards machine drums but also other elektron gear as, for example the A4.


i assume you mean erase them accidentally.

assuming you have a md with a plus drive, the best way to go about this generally is to save and then lock the current snapshot. that way you can do whatever you want while jamming and if you accidentally erase something irretrievably, just reload the snapshot.

if in one particular case you accidentally erase a pattern and want to restore it, the main thing to remember is to hit Func + Clear again, IMMEDIATELY after you screw up, before hitting any other buttons … that’s the only chance you have to undo.

I have a MDUW without the +Drive, my approach:
My playing/developing patterns are in banks E/F/G/H.
I keep “backups” of those on the A/B/C/D banks.
Because the [Bank Group] has no secondary or shift function, I never ever hit it by accident.

Also: regular SysEx dumps and archiving on computer.

If all you want is to avoid changing anything in your patterns, there is one thing to remember : don’t hit the red button !

Thank you
that’s the way :wink:

Has an MD snapshot the same function of a Project on the A4?